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By Fredrick R. Kenniston III
Clearwater, Florida, USA — You hold your tongue as you say, “How many times do I have to tell you how to locate what library a certain cell is in?” to a somewhat bewildered co-worker. I know, you probably never get impatient, but this is the third time he has been back, almost begging you to tell him, again, how to locate this same cell.

It starts off simple enough. You take a co-worker or member of your design team aside, you start explaining how to do a particular thing and you get very polite indications they are following what you are saying, like “I see, yeah, okay.” You know, despite his reassurance, that he does not really understand what you are saying. Sure enough, after a period of time, that same person is back – asking how to do that same thing. This chews up very valuable time for you, the person you are attempting to train, and your company.

Almost every profession, skill or job requires some form of training to ensure one is proficient enough to utilize the tools and do the actions. This holds especially true when it comes to the general subject of computer training. The more specialized the subject, like learning Bentley and Axiom products, the more important it is.

When I started working at Axiom twenty years ago, I had good basic electronics, computer and communications training and skills, acquired during my enlistment in the US Navy. However, when I started working in the very technical field of computer-aided design, it was like learning a foreign language. Fortunately for me, I also had some very knowledgeable and experienced people around me, like David Greenbaum, CEO of Axiom, that made learning this field a lot less painful than it otherwise might have been.

Since then, I have had to train many others on their computer basics and also on MicroStation and Axiom products. Over the years, I learned one very important thing: If I only told a person how to do something with Bentley or Axiom product, they wouldn’t retain the information. I would have to train them on that very same thing again at a later time. You have probably experienced this yourself.

Axiom’s Frederick Kenniston uses his wealth of experience to deliver online training straight to your desktop.

Online training
About five years ago, Axiom started offering its Axiom Maintenance Plus service. This includes support, updates and other benefits, like online training for the Axiom products covered. (Note: Contact your Axiom MicroStation Consultant for exact details on what Axiom Maintenance Plus covers).

Axiom’s online training covers the basics of Axiom products. It also gives you and your design team answers to questions like:

  • How do I use RefManager to turn the reference file display off, in views four through eight, in all my master files?
  • How do I set the scale factor for text in an Excel file that I am pasting it into a MicroStation file using Axiom’s Microsoft Office Importer?
  • How do I set up a timed execution of FileFixer to run after normal business hours?

Each online training session is designed to cover the basics of a particular Axiom product. Because it is live, we can tailor the training on the fly to cover the things you want covered. This makes Axiom’s online training much more effective overall. Here is what one supervisor said about their group attending one of our online training sessions:

“Everyone on our team was very impressed with the training. I work within a team of five, and out of that, one team member had no background in MicroStation. He was very happy with how easily he could follow.”

Suite 16
Most of you are probably already familiar with Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8. However, have you ever counted up how many products are actually included in our MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8? Well, if you haven’t, this suite of time-saving MicroStation tools consists of sixteen separate products! Learning even the basics of each product on your own would not be a light undertaking.

Catch 22 resolved.
Axiom’s programming department works very hard to help make our programs as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Based on success stories and feedback from our customers, our products are intuitive and easy to use. A great majority of our clients successfully utilize our products every day. However, you do have deadlines to meet and time-sensitive production requirements, leaving you precious little time to sit down and run through, for example, the FileFixer for V8 Quick Start on your own. You know that Axiom’s products will help you and your co-workers, but you are so swamped you haven’t had time to learn them. So, what do you do, given the lack of time you have for learning such things? You call Axiom and get scheduled for online training! Do it now, right away!

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