InRoads guru, Mark Ditko, and Axiom unite to create first-ever InRoads e-learning courses.

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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — Another major development in the MicroStation e-learning world occurred at the end of 2006 with the combining of two training powerhouses. In late December, InRoads master trainer, Mark Ditko, and Axiom’s LearningBay team finalized an agreement to join forces in creating the world’s first full e-learning course series for InRoads.

    Mark Ditko, world-famous InRoads guru

    Mark Ditko, founder of Zen Engineering, has 20-years of experience working with grading, paving, water, sewer and other utility design, with emphasis in the use of CAD in the production of engineering working drawings. Ditko specializes in surveying, coordinate geometry, hydrology and pipe and channel hydraulics. He also works extensively in site grading and earthwork calculations for corporations such as Bechtel, Arco, Mobil and many DOTs as well as large projects such as Euro-Disney development. Read more about Mark Ditko’s vast experience at

    “What makes me excited about this joint venture with Axiom,” says Mark Ditko, “is that I am able to combine my years of InRoads training know-how with Axiom’s proven learning technology to produce the highest quality on-demand e-learning courses.”

    Axiom and Zen Engineering plan to release dozens of browser-based courses focused on two primary goals:

    1. To provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective, on-demand InRoads educational content for everyone on the planet who wants to master InRoads design software.
    2. To enable companies of all sizes to insert their own training material (such as best practices, custom workflows and time-saving tips) into any of the InRoads LearningBay courses using simple editors such as Microsoft® Notepad and Paintbrush — without needing any programming experience of any kind.

    According to Mike Arroyo, Axiom’s Vice President for Learning, InRoads courses are scheduled for release over the next six months. “It has never been easier to become so proficient, so quickly on Bentley technology,” states Arroyo. “Making new employees able to produce for billable accounts quickly, right from their own desk, has become our hallmark.”

    InRoads, along with GEOPAK, are Bentley’s two most popular civil engineering software solutions that are used by most United States Departments of Transportation (DOTs). According to recent Bentley press releases, the last three states to standardize on InRoads as their road design software include California Transportation (Caltrans), Washington DOT and Georgia DOT.

    “At the end of the day, what matters most is how productive you are today,” says Ditko. In his “Zen-centered” contemplative voice he continues, “It’s the first opportunity for me to clone myself. Imagine your very own personal InRoads instructor, right inside your web browser, ready to help you master the design process… That is so cool!”

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