Instantly access multiple design files in a single session of MicroStation!

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  • Everyone has heard the phrase “Good things come in small packages”. Chocolate truffles, iPods and diamonds are all good examples. It seems that the saying also proves true with Axiom’s newest time-saving utility, DgnQuickPick.

    DgnQuickPick is a MicroStation add-on that gives users immediate access to multiple project design files in a single session of MicroStation, just by clicking on a tab labeled with the file’s name. MicroStation users familiar with Mozilla’s Firefox web browser will notice the similarities between Firefox’s “tabbed browsing” feature and DgnQuickPick’s tab functionality. Users can easily select the file they need to open by simply clicking on the filename in the DgnQuickPick toolbar.

    DgnQuickPick, aside from being able to give immediate access to a design file, can also be used to attach references to files, detach reference files and execute key-in commands simply by clicking on file names in the toolbar.

    Make a tab for each design file in a directory to allow for quick
    access from a single session of MicroStation.

    Get around a MicroStation license shortage!
    Many MicroStation Select members use concurrent user licensing. This means that MicroStation licenses are only available to a specific number of users at any given time. For example: if a CAD shop has a ten-seat concurrent user license, only 10 sessions of MicroStation can be open at any given time, even if three of them are running on the same workstation. When someone attempts to open an 11th session of MicroStation, they will not be able to do so. This causes time delays during projects.

    DgnQuickPick helps CAD managers get around wasting valuable MicroStation licenses due to users opening multiple sessions of MicroStation on their workstations. Rather than having to open multiple sessions of MicroStation to view multiple design files, a user can open all the ones he or she wishes using DgnQuickPick and easily switch between files.

    Project design files can be automatically loaded at the beginning of a DgnQuickPick session by using a File List. File lists are text files that contain full paths to specific files. By using this feature, a user can have immediate access to any frequently-used design file automatically.

    Execute any key-in or macro upon opening a design file from DgnQuickPick

    Master multi-tasking
    Upon opening a design file from its interface, DgnQuickPick can run any MicroStation key-in command or macro on the file automatically. Through DgnQuickPick’s settings window, a MicroStation user can set up DgnQuickPick to automatically run a fit view command or a command to set the active cell library. Also, since DgnQuickPick can execute any MicroStation key-in, the “mdl load” command can be used to launch any Axiom utility automatically!

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