Let go of your mouse! Move around using function keys.

Did you know that you can move the active view of your design either up, down, left or right by using function keys? You can by defining four function keys with the “move” key-in.

First, open the “Function Keys” dialog box under the Workspace menu.

Then, assign the following key-ins to your desired function keys:

To move up: move up;dx=0
To move down: move down;dx=0
To move left: move left;dx=0
To move right: move right;dx=0
Note: The “dx=0” in each key-in represents the origin point for any movement. It represents the distance from the last tentative or data point in the active view. The “d” stands for “delta” or the difference between two data points.

Now, press each of the keys you designated the commands to, and you should be moving through the active view. If not, double-check your key-ins and try again. By default, the “move” key-in will shift the view one fourth of the active view’s screen area. To change this, add a decimal value of the amount you want it to move. For example, to move half the distance of the screen to the left, key-in the following: “move left .5;dx=0”. Enjoy!

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