Look what’s under the tree. Axiom releases online training for MicroStation XM!

Clearwater, Florida, USA — ‘Tis the season for new CAD training courses at Axiom. The month of December will see even more new training options under the tree. October brought a flurry of activity at the LearningBay workshop, leading to the big release in November of the much-anticipated InRoads Essentials courses for both MicroStation and AutoCAD. While that was underway, Axiom’s content development elves were also busy working on courses for MicroStation XM, Bentley’s latest version of MicroStation. Now the last coat of paint has dried and V8 XM Update is ready for delivery to anyone with “XM training” on their wish list.

The ghost of MicroStation training past
Axiom’s LearningBay line of training products has been filling a training need in the MicroStation community for years now. Accessible, always-on training for MicroStation, GEOPAK and, more recently, InRoads has become Axiom’s strong suit. V8 XM Update brings that same accessibility to training courses for MicroStation’s latest version.

MicroStation V8 XM comes from a long line of world-class CAD software applications by Bentley. MicroStation V8 is thought by many users to be the most groundbreaking release in Bentley’s history and XM (also known as MicroStation 8.9) builds on the great features added in the original V8. It is time to bring out Axiom’s special brand of training for XM.

The ghost of MicroStation training present
The new V8 XM Update course is laid out using Axiom’s proven method of incremental, self-paced lessons. Each lesson is filled with images and practical explanations along with practice sessions for every topic. These practice sessions – known as “Hands On” – are where the student has a chance to apply what has just been learned.

The V8 XM Update course is broken into four sections:

  • V8 XM Update: Explore the Interface — Open V8 XM the first time and you immediately know something has changed. Learn how to use the new task-based interface, create custom tool boxes, dock dialog boxes, define element templates and more with this section!
  • V8 XM Update: Explore 3D Enhancements — This section reviews all the changes made to the 3D world, including conceptual and surface modeling tools, cutting-edge printing enhancements, visualization and animation updates, as well as new support for 3D Studio files, Google 3D Warehouse and enhancements to printing interactive 3D models to a PDF file called “3D PDF”.
  • V8 XM Update: Explore New Tools — Every new release of MicroStation introduces new tools and functions. This section explores all the new functions inside V8 XM such as Element Templates, Project Explorer, the Color Book Editor, the Drawing Scale Window, Revision Clouds, Annotation Cells, Google Earth tools and more.
  • V8 XM Update: Explore Enhancements to Existing Tools — There are many familiar tools that now have additional functions. These include multiple named fences, enhancements to using “selection handles” when using the Element Selection tool, new graphic display functions like transparency, with additional enhancements for levels, Raster Manager, View tools, as well as expanded AccuDraw functions.

The ghost of MicroStation training future
As new needs for training in the MicroStation world are identified, Axiom will step up to deliver. V8 XM Update is just the latest. Specialized 3D courses are being worked on even now, and many others are in the planning phase.

Ways to get it
Accessibility is what puts Axiom’s LearningBay training into a league of its own. Rather than use the traditional delivery method of the sleigh and reindeer, Axiom has opted for a more 21st century approach and now has a delivery method suitable for most scenarios.

Are you a large company with many users? Buy LearningBay Enterprise, tailored specifically for large organizations. Not quite that large, but still need to train multiple users company-wide? Axiom’s LearningBay Professional solution is for you. Rather not manage the training system yourself, no matter how large your company? Axiom also has a hosted option that will fill your needs. Are you a single user but still want to get this valuable training? Sign up for the online service and you’ll be off and training in no time. V8 XM Update and all of Axiom’s training courses are available via any of these methods.

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