Losing time in InRoads trying to find the quickest solution?

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InRoads by Example eliminates frustration.

Clearwater, Florida, USA — Most InRoads users are aware of the vast array of settings, options and tools available in InRoads. While this large arsenal of variables is greatly responsible for InRoads’ incredible power, it also makes the software extremely complex. Figuring out the fastest or most-efficient way to do something in InRoads can be a frustrating task. In fact, there is almost nothing in InRoads that can be done in only one way.

From Windows Explorer, students can access the InRoads files that come with every InRoads by Example course. These files are used in conjunction with the training to increase practical knowledge

The solution is to discover the best way — the quick way — for InRoads users to accomplish what they need to accomplish, allowing them to stop spending their valuable time wading through the sea of “other ways” that often tangle up production unnecessarily. Axiom’s InRoads training courses have been doing just that — giving InRoads users the quickest way to solve their InRoads-related problems. InRoads users can now cut through the complexity of the software and unleash its full power.

Axiom is proud to announce the release of a new series of online training courses, InRoads by Example. InRoads by Example is just what it sounds like: InRoads training accomplished by taking the user, step-by-step, through an example project from start to finish.

How does InRoads by Example differ?
Historically, Axiom e-learning courses are written to teach all aspects of a particular design software through the use of hands-on labs. Each lab is usually written specifically for the feature being discussed. This is an effective method of training, but some of Axiom’s InRoads customers have asked that the courses include a single project example that can be followed from conception to completion. In other words, they wanted a single, real-world example to use as a reference for each step of the training, so the students get a feel for what it’s like to complete an entire project the quickest and easiest way possible. Working in conjunction with their InRoads guru, Mark Ditko, Axiom has now devised a project that is created by the user during the course of their InRoads training.

Each InRoads by Example online training course includes either a .zip file with project files to be used by the student during the training, or instructions for how to set up the project that will be used throughout the course. As the student learns each new feature, he or she applies that new knowledge to the project, developing it each step of the way using the quickest method possible, until the project is complete. This is a real-world “practical” action that not only familiarizes the student with the best procedures to employ while using the software, but allows them to create and work on an actual design — directly applying what they learn as they go. They learn the tools while using them to build a complete example.

For those new to LearningBay and Axiom’s system of online training, LearningBay provides computer-based training for MicroStation and MicroStation products, such as GEOPAK and InRoads, with several options for delivery. Whatever the company’s size or needs, Axiom has a solution. For example, LearningBay Enterprise is a learning management system specifically for very large organizations. LearningBay Professional is a leaner system designed for small to mid-size companies. If a company would rather not manage their training system themselves, no matter what size they are, Axiom has a hosted solution to fit their needs. InRoads by Example and all of Axiom’s training courses are available via any of these methods.

Another great feature of LearningBay’s training material is the customer’s ability to mix and match pages of Axiom’s content with his organization’s own, in-house content to create custom e-courses, tailored to the unique workflows of his organization.

Axiom MicroStation Consultants can help tailor a training solution to fit the specific needs of any organization.

This new InRoads training is just the latest in Axiom’s commitment to deliver what’s needed and wanted by their MicroStation customers. Anyone looking for hands-on InRoads training need look no further.

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