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Axiom’s first enterprise-level MicroStation application brings massive time savings for CAD managers.

Clearwater, Florida, USA —Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation solutions, announces Global Workspace Manager, the first in a series of ground-breaking, enterprise solutions that save MicroStation CAD managers time.

Using Global Workspace Manager, a CAD manager can set up and manage all the workspaces on all the computers associated with a given project. For example, a CAD manager can view which cell libraries are being used by each workstation. All workspace configuration variables can be monitored and modified from this interface. The CAD manager can monitor and control workstations anywhere in the world without leaving his desk.

Global Workspace Manager allows CAD managers to set up, monitor and change MicroStation workspaces and workspace configuration settings on multiple workstations from a single location. Until now, managing MicroStation configuration variables has been a nightmare. CAD managers have had no easy way to ensure that MicroStation workspace configurations were properly set up and maintained. They either had to rely on each user to correctly set up and maintain his or her own workstation or walk around to each user’s workstation and manually set up and maintain its configuration. Even if CAD managers use a protected, central network workspace, they still don’t know who’s working on which project, when a project was last worked on or even which version of MicroStation is installed on which workstation. With this new add-on, all that is about to change.

With Global Workspace Manager, CAD managers are now able to not only analyze and control MicroStation workspaces, but they can also see who’s working on which project and which version of MicroStation they’re using. CAD managers can analyze, monitor and control a few workstations — or a few thousand workstations — all from a single location.

“A major problem that we hear from CAD managers is that users change their workspace configurations. This has resulted in them not using the fonts, line styles, cell libraries, reference files or other resources that the CAD manager needs used for a given project,” said Greg McKinney, Axiom Project Manager. “Global Workspace Manager gives CAD managers control over system, application, site, project and user workspace configuration files on all MicroStation workstations at their site or in the company, even configuration files that reside on a networked server. CAD Managers can set up, monitor, debug and change these configuration files on a single workstation, a group of workstations or thousands of workstations — without leaving their desks.”

Global Workspace Manager consists of two separate applications: a manager’s console (for the CAD manager to use) and a client (which resides on each MicroStation workstation). The manager’s console receives MicroStation workspace configuration data about each workstation that is running the client. The manager’s console has the ability to view, sort, filter, group, analyze and modify all the workspace configuration variables on the workstations. These capabilities allow CAD managers to view all configuration variables or specific configuration variables by workstation, location, project or any combination of these. The manager’s console has the ability to view configuration variables on one workstation, all workstations or any number of selected workstations. CAD managers can also ensure that all workstations are using the most up-to-date resources such as cells, fonts, dgnlibs, and linestyles. The manager’s console also provides powerful analysis tools to help the CAD manager pinpoint exactly why one workstation or workspace is behaving oddly or different from the others.

In addition to the analysis tools, Global Workspace Manager gives CAD managers many other useful tools. Using the manager’s console, CAD managers have the ability to copy an entire project along with all its resources (such as seed files, dgnlibs, linestyles, fonts, and color tables) to another network server or to an individual workstation, show which MicroStation versions are installed on each workstation, see when projects were last worked on, see who worked on each project (this helps planning for allocating manpower) and compare several machines to easily pinpoint errors on a specific workstation or just verify that workspaces are correct.

Global Workspace Manager can monitor the workspace settings on every MicroStation workstation at your site or even in your whole company. Every change to a MicroStation workstation’s User, Project or Interface setting is tracked in a central database. You will be able to see — and even change — every single MicroStation configuration variable, in every single workspace, on every single MicroStation workstation at your site or even your whole company, without leaving your desk!

The Global Workspace Manager client runs on each workstation that will be monitored by the manager’s console. The client sits quietly in the background, until the user makes a change to a workspace component. For example, when a user selects a different user, project or interface, the client notifies the manager’s console of the change.

The process of the client updating the manager’s console when changes occur ensures that the Global Workspace Manager manager’s console always has the most current workspace information from each workstation. This lets the CAD manager monitor who is working on each specific project, verify that the correct project or company standard CAD resources are being used for each project and make needed changes to the workspaces without ever having to leave his desk.

“CAD managers often spend too much time walking from one floor to another or traveling to remote offices to troubleshoot or modify workspaces. Global Workspace Manager eliminates wasted time by bringing the monitoring and management of workspaces on all workstations into one location,” said Oscar Albornoz, Axiom’s Vice President for Technology.

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