Merging MicroStation reference files in V8i and ProjectWise just got easier.

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  • Whether you need to modify attachments, quickly change reference file paths — in bulk — search for attachments, automatically attach references, discover the exact status of attachments or identify missing attachments, RefMerge is the tool to use.

    RefMerge can now exclude or limit reference file attachments, from the merge, based on one or more filter statements. Filter statements can use wildcards and can include a reference’s file specification, model name, description, logical name, slot number or any combination of these.

    A new option was added that works in conjunction with the new filter options described above. It lets you leave attached any reference file excluded from the merge in the output file.

    A new option was added to control, “self-reference” merging. By default RefMerge will merge self-references and remove the attachment from the output file. The new option allows the user to exclude merging self-references. When this option is used the self-reference attachment is not detached in the output file.

    To get a free, no-obligation demonstration of RefMerge, a component of MicroStation Acceleration Garage, or to speak directly with an Axiom MicroStation consultant, call 727-442-7774 extension 8838 or visit Axiom on the Web at

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