Microsoft Office Importer Now Helps Users Fit Tall Excel or Word Pastes Inside Short MicroStation Spaces

New feature allows Excel and Word data to be flowed into columns.

Axiom, the world’s largest third-party software developer dedicated to making MicroStation easier, announces a new feature in the latest release of Microsoft Office Importer called “column flow” which creates and automatically correctly sizes columns on-the-fly, when importing Word and Excel data.


Microsoft Office Importer’s column flow feature allows users to easily fit tall pastes into wide spaces in your design file by splitting the data into sections. Users can also select which (if any) of the rows in a paste should be used as repeating headers for each of the sections created.

Previously, if users wanted to paste Word or Excel data into multiple columns in a design file, it would require a separate paste for each column. Now, simply by turning the column flow feature on, users can easily import Word and Excel data into as many or as few columns as needed. There’s even an option in Microsoft Office Importer that lets you repeat a user-defined number of Excel header rows so that those rows appear at the top of each column, not just at the top of the first column. As with all previous versions of Microsoft Office Importer, if the source file changes, the imported data can (based on user settings) be automatically updated the next time that design file is opened.

According to Eiren Smith, Axiom’s Product Manager for Microsoft Office Importer, “This is a hot, new feature that has been frequently requested by our users. We’re excited by all the positive feedback that we’re getting about Microsoft Office Importer and glad to hear that it’s saving our users so much time and frustration.”

What Happens to the Columns that are Already in My Excel File?
Nothing changes in the Excel or Word document that the information is being pasted from. When pasting data into a design file, users now have the ability to paste the data into multiple columns — created on-the-fly — in order to fit the data into the space required. For instance, if a user has an Excel spreadsheet with 15 columns and 1,600 rows, Microsoft Office Importer will create, for example, eight columns each with 15 columns (the same columns that were in Excel) and with 200 rows each.

Perfect Formatting That’s Not Just a Picture
In addition to the column flow feature, Microsoft Office Importer has many features including:

  • Importing and linking nearly unlimited quantities of spreadsheet data into MicroStation with perfect formatting. Imported data are real MicroStation elements — text and lines — so the information displays and plots the way it is expected to.
  • Pasting huge amounts of spreadsheet and word processing data into MicroStation files in a single paste. No more having to import large spreadsheets in pieces like with MicroStation’s “Paste Special…” command.
  • Controlling pasted data so it follows CAD standards. For example, text and lines can each come in on different, user-specified levels. Also, text and lines can each have their own symbology values.
  • Controlling text size and which font is used for text.
  • ProjectWise support.

With Microsoft Office Importer, links to the source document are created automatically and are extremely reliable. Additionally, links are updated automatically every time the MicroStation file is opened or they can be updated with the push of a button while working on the design file.

How to Contact Axiom
For more information on Microsoft Office Importer or to receive a free 45-day lease, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 2410 or e-mail us or visit Axiom on the Web at today.

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