MicroStation can’t find these. New technology from Axiom can.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced third-party developer of products that make MicroStation easier, announces the release of a version of CadExplorer that goes even further beyond the powerful capabilities of MicroStation. CAD file inspection, normally a tedious and time-consuming activity, just got an overhaul and became a lot easier with the latest release of CadExplorer.

    There is no tool in any version of MicroStation that can find all elements that are — or should be — within a user-specified distance of other elements. How can a MicroStation user quickly ensure that each desk cell has a chair cell within a specified number of inches or feet in all the design files in the project? How can someone easily go through hundreds of files just to find out which cables are within 20 feet of which radio towers and then export that list to Excel? What if a project contains a multi-floor building with a fire code that requires escape route maps, fire extinguishers and special doors within so many feet of elevators and stairwells? How does someone verify that the new building design meets such codes? Short of laborious, time-consuming, element-by-element measuring, these kinds of searches can only be done with CadExplorer.

    “There is no other product out there that lets someone easily peer into hundreds or thousands of MicroStation files at a time and rapidly find the elements that they need to locate”, said Axiom’s Vice President of Technology, Oscar Albornoz. He continued, “Now, with the newest release of CadExplorer, we’ve gone a step further and given users the ability to locate all pairs of elements that are within a user-specified distance of each other. For example, you can locate all support pillar cells that have an electrical outlet cell within a specified distance. Not only that, it also reports those elements that do not have a certain element within the user-specified distance. In other words, you could find all the support pillar cells that don’t have an electrical outlet within your required distance. These new capabilities can be applied to any kind of graphical element (cells, text strings, lines, arcs, shapes, tags, text nodes, the whole lot). This proximity searching feature has never before been available to MicroStation users.”

    Axiom reports that in addition to the newly added proximity searching feature, CadExplorer is stuffed with tools and features that go beyond anything that can be done with MicroStation alone. CadExplorer shows users virtually all the data contained in one, ten, hundreds or even thousands of design files in an easy-to-use and intuitive grid. Need to see all the cells that are being used in any project on the network and get a count of each one? A few mouse-clicks is all it takes. What are the chances of catching an odd-ball mistake before submitting the project to a client, like a misspelled level name or some text that happens to be on the wrong level? Without CadExplorer, these are virtually impossible to locate and requires someone to laboriously go through each design file, element by element and level by level. Spotting errors like misspellings or a cell that was only used once (a shoe-in for a CAD-standards violation) becomes much easier, faster and, per Mr. Albornoz, is “even kind of fun” when using CadExplorer.

    How to Contact Axiom
    For more information on CadExplorer or to see a free, online demonstration, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 1638 or e-mail 1638@AxiomInt.com or visit Axiom on the Web at www.AxiomInt.com.

    About Axiom
    Axiom is the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions and the largest third-party provider of general-purpose add-ons and e-learning for MicroStation. Axiom focuses on making MicroStation easier by creating time-saving and productivity-boosting tools based on real-world problems MicroStation users encounter. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Axiom has been developing software for MicroStation for over 20 years. MicroStation is the flagship CAD package of Bentley Systems, Incorporated of Exton, Pennsylvania.

    CadExplorer, and Axiom are trademarks of Axiom. MicroStation is a registered trademark of Bentley Systems, Incorporated.

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