MicroStation e-learning world turned upside down!

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  • Lower prices resulting from new content creation process causes a stir in the MicroStation training world.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions, has now become the largest provider of web-based training courses for Bentley software. Axiom reached two milestones this month, which demonstrates the great demand for its online MicroStation training.

    With over 100 courses completed, representing over 8,000 pages of training materials, technical illustrations and videos, Axiom now provides more complete, on-demand courses for Bentley customers than anyone on the planet.

    Quantity of e-learning course content for Bentley products
    The first milestone reached this month is the record number of on-demand, e-learning courses available. With over one hundred courses completed — representing over 8,000 pages of training materials, technical illustrations and videos for MicroStation, GEOPAK® and Micro-soft® Office — Axiom now provides more on-demand learning course content for Bentley customers than anyone on the planet.

    “What makes our content unique,” says Mike Arroyo, the world-renowned MicroStation evangelist and Axiom’s Vice President for Learning, “is that all our web pages can be edited with simple editors, such as Notepad and Paintbrush.” All companies now have the opportunity to insert their own best practices, custom programs and corporate workflow into on-demand, e-learning course pages for Bentley products, without having to do any complicated programming.

    Record sales of MicroStation e-learning courses
    The second milestone reached this month was Axiom’s record sales of learning products. At press time, 155 companies (and growing) are training 7,500 employees using LearningBay Professional, Axiom’s learning management system. LearningBay Professional is the software platform that provides access to the over one hundred online courses currently organized into fifteen MicroStation, GEOPAK and Microsoft® Office training libraries (a “library” is a large collection of courses on a major subject). LearningBay Professional tracks all student activity and progress, including test scores and course assignments. What’s more, you can obtain all this learning now for less cost than anything else out there.

    Reduced pricing
    Axiom recently released a new, low pricing structure that should ensure its continued reign as the fastest-growing MicroStation e-learning provider. The actual price for a given company depends on a number of factors such as the number of seats of MicroStation. You’ll have to call Axiom to get a precise quote for your exact needs and situation. Suffice to say that you’ll probably be very pleasantly surprised to find out how the new pricing structure works.

    “We have garnered some of the planet’s most-skilled CAD talent and have created a machine that produces quality learning content rapidly and inexpensively,” said Axiom President, Ed Clark. “As it has always been our goal to give more than expected, we are now passing this advantage on to our loyal customers.”

    Customize MicroStation training content to your exact needs and own — not just lease — the results.

    One of the beautiful things about the new pricing structure is how easy it is for a company to buy MicroStation training content, rather than lease it on an annual basis. This ability to buy MicroStation training content plus the ability to easily modify the content for your company’s particular workflows and practices is unique to LearningBay. Now you can customize MicroStation training content for your exact needs and own that content forever — without having to pay annual fees for the content you modified. Of course, you can still custom modify content you lease from Axiom and you can buy content from Axiom without modifying it. These abilities — whether you exercise them individually or in combination — are offered to the MicroStation community only by Axiom.

    MicroStation users winning with LearningBay
    Customers have reported universal success with Axiom’s learning products. Below are just a few examples:
    A new MicroStation user commented, “Since receiving your training… I have managed to complete my first project using MicroStation from beginning to end. I definitely could not have done that without having your training.” — A.T.

    Here’s one from an experienced MicroStation professional: “[One of our users] stated that he had already learned more from the V8 Essentials on the LearningBay than he learned in his tech school CADD course.” — T.D.

    A CAD Administrator said, “Right now I have 57 students enrolled and I am happy to say they are enthusiastic and enjoyed the course. I can say that LearningBay is very helpful and has been a good investment for our company. It has saved us an ample amount of money by not having to send each of these students to instructor-led MicroStation training.” — D.C.

    What Axiom offers is unique.
    In addition to the massive content and low price, Axiom’s on-demand learning is also distinguished by the ease with which you can modify it for your exact needs. Drop any paragraph, page, interactive tutorial, graphic or even a whole course into any customized training course you develop for your specific CAD work flows and standards. Or start with our courses and make changes, large or small, to suit the exact needs of your organization. Change the sequence in which actions are done. Add your organization’s logo to every page if you want. Axiom’s LearningBay is the world’s only solution that gives you the power to quickly and easily customize your organization’s MicroStation and GEOPAK training to your exact needs.

    Axiom’s learning is expanding at unprecedented rates, but in the end it’s MicroStation users who win. Check out the new website, www.LearningBay.com, to learn how you can “test drive” learning solutions, enroll in web courses, schedule live demonstrations and request learning quotes.

    What’s next?
    So, what’s next for Axiom? According to Mike Arroyo, a planned, massive expansion to the current course offerings in 2007, with scheduled releases of hundreds of new CAD classes. These include the much-anticipated InRoads libraries for V8.5, V8.9 and V8 XM, as well as additional MicroStation courses such as a V8 XM user update course and a V8 XM administrator’s course. There will also be AutoCAD-to-MicroStation courses and an AutoCAD Fundamentals series.

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