MicroStation Made Easier: CAD Standards Support for MicroStation V8i and ProjectWise

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  • Don’t let CAD standards problems bite you in the backside. SpecChecker, SpecMonitor and SpecManager, three key software components of MicroStation Acceleration Garage will help ensure your CAD standards are being used. And now, these three vital CAD standards tools work with V8i and ProjectWise.

    Need to ensure certain elements are on certain levels in dozens, hundreds or thousands of files? Want a fast way to check the symbology of all the design files in your project? These are just two of the hundreds of problems that SpecChecker, SpecMonitor and SpecManager can handle.

    To speak directly with an Axiom MicroStation consultant about Axiom’s SpecChecker, SpecMonitor and SpecManager, call 727-442-7774 extension 9110 or visit Axiom on the Web at http://AxiomInt.com/r?specchecker.

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