MicroStation Productivity Toolkit cuts costs at sites of all sizes.

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Size really doesn’t matter!

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — For a business to survive, its income must exceed the cost of doing business – this is true regardless of business size. Simple to say, but not always easy to accomplish.

Will Axiom tools save your small shop enough time to justify their cost? Contact Axiom to find out.

A profit-conscious CAD manager can’t afford to pass up innovations that allow project personnel to accomplish their work faster. But how can he be sure a tool, such as MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, will increase profits sufficiently to justify its initial cost? This article explains.

Making the bean counters happy
If a CAD manager needs to make a five-minute-per-file change to 1,000 design files, it is easy to demonstrate how one of the productivity boosting utilities in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit can save 4,995 minutes. For example, perhaps his project files have been moved to a new server, and he now needs to update the reference file paths. RefManager (one of Toolkit‘s component applications) can update a batch of reference file paths with one command.

However, we aren’t all responsible for 1,000 files per project. What if a CAD manager’s typical project consist of 25 files? MicroStation Productivity Toolkit is still a great value.

There are 19 applications in the V7 Toolkit and 13 applications in the V8 Toolkit. Let’s say one application in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit saves a MicroStation user just 60 seconds per day (average) automating tedious tasks for each of those 25 project files. He will get the work done faster with improved quality. He gets to go home early. More importantly, the bean counters are happy with the bottom line profit for the company. Why?

If we assume the cost of employing a drafter (including all overhead expenses) is $25 per hour, saving just 60 seconds each day when working with each of those 25 project files yields more than $2,500 saved per year — even with a two-week vacation!

In all fairness, this example is overly simplistic. It just involved making a tiny change to a very small number of files. A MicroStation shop can save far more using MicroStation Productivity Toolkit to the max!

Minimizing drawing rejections
Here’s another MicroStation Productivity Toolkit story about a moderate-size MicroStation shop:
Jim Lewis of KMD Mapping Inc. (a small shop in Ontario, Canada) shares the story that his department’s utilization of SpecChecker (another Toolkit application) on one project resulted in savings of $2,988 while deliverable acceptance increased from 20% to 98%. Jim’s office only has four MicroStation seats.

Small or moderate-sized MicroStation shops might not all recoup their investment in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit on a single project, but stories like the preceding illustrate how small or moderate-sized shops can generate profits over the course of a year which greatly exceed the cost of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.

Aside from cost savings and profit increases, MicroStation Productivity Toolkit can help get the job done when a CAD project is short on time or resources. David Lemons, CAD Administrator with Lina T Ramey & Associates, shares, “I would be in a world of hurt without Toolkit.” David’s office has five MicroStation seats. David wants to get another Toolkit license for new hires to use as his company expands.

Axiom’s world-class technical support is a built-in value delivered with each license of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. How much would it cost a CAD firm to hire a consultant or full-time employee for a year? MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners can instantly augment their project resources by phoning or e-mailing Axiom Technical Support Department!

MicroStation Productivity Toolkit helps sites of all sizes:

  • Complete projects faster with higher quality
  • Cut costs and increase profits
  • Stay competitive
  • Increase client satisfaction

Plus, to ensure a CAD project gets the maximum benefit from MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, online training on the suite’s component tools is available at no additional cost.

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