MicroStation Productivity Toolkit saves time and effort throughout project lifecycle.

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  • Get the most out of your Toolkit.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USAMicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners are often so enthralled with two or three products that come in Toolkit, that they fail to take advantage of the other included tools. Axiom wants Toolkit users around the world to save time and effort by utilizing every possible application in Toolkit, and to use them for the entirety of each project.

    If you don’t relish working late and like to have your weekends free, keep reading.

    From concept to delivery, Axiom tools can help your entire design team save time and money, while working in MicroStation.

    Prepare for a successful project launch
    CAD managers often “inherit” files from prior projects. What shape are those files in? Crappy? Happy?
    The best way to get off to a healthy, problem-free project start is to analyze project files with FileFixer. Just search for problems and let FileFixer identify the files which will likely cause trouble later. Use FileFixer to automatically repair the damaged design files and cell libraries. Off to a good start!

    Some cell libraries have been around for a long time and have accumulated redundant or obsolete, non-standard cells. Sometimes hundreds of cells are distributed amongst several different cell libraries. Where’s the right cell?
    Don’t perpetuate use of messy, disorganized, non-standard cell libraries. Use CellManager to consolidate, standardize and organize your cell libraries at the onset of your project.

    CellManager consolidates our cell libraries, gets rid of duplicate cells and overall organizes our cell libraries.”
    J. Louallen, Champion International Corp.

    Have you ever inherited reference file attachments with full paths saved? Those attachments become “missing” when moved to a new drive letter or a new directory. Fortunately, RefManager can remove full paths from all project attachments or, when full paths are preferred, RefManager can update the full paths in all project files. Click RefManager’s <Start> button and go home early!

    But wait a minute — level usage was remapped for that new project? And level symbology specifications have changed too? Aargh!

    Global File Changer is perfect for making bulk adjustments to legacy project files to ensure the entire file set is configured standardly for a new project. Use Changer to move elements from one level to another or change level symbology in all project files — actually, use Global File Changer to make just about any imaginable bulk change in all project files at once.

    Use Global File Changer to replace all non-standard cells with correct, standard cells from that fresh, perfect cell library just created with CellManager!

    “Our initial investment in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit has paid for itself many times over.”
    A. Harvie, City of Surrey

    Keep an ongoing project on schedule and under budget
    Using Microsoft Office Importer is the superior way to import spreadsheet and formatted text into MicroStation drawings. Use it to save time while improving the appearance, standardness and ease of maintenance of project drawings.

    Microsoft Office Importer is the best thing I’ve found for importing text into MicroStation. … This is one of my favorites utilities in Toolkit,” stated P. Mantooth, Pape-Dawson Consulting.

    FileFixer is indispensable for emergency file diagnosis and repair during the course of a project. When someone says it took five hours to repair a file with EdG, they probably mean it took four hours to find the problem and another hour to figure out the EdG command necessary to fix the problem. Or maybe they couldn’t fix the problem? Relax. Let FileFixer automatically handle mid-project emergency repairs.

    Prepare a completed project for client submission
    Congratulations — the project is done! But were all files created standardly? Is every file ready for presentation to the client? Use SpecChecker to ensure your drawings conform to project standards. Eliminate tedious manual proofreading! Move client acceptance toward 100%.

    In addition to its use as a quality assurance tool, many SpecChecker owners use its correction capability to perform bulk modifications to project files. SpecChecker is handy at any stage of a project.

    “I’ve used SpecChecker to reorganize the symbology of elements in many of our design files. This saves me 85% of the work I would have had to do myself!” rejoiced F. Le Hardy of Philips Commercial Activities.

    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit has saved hundreds of AEC firms thousands of dollars throughout the years. Try MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for yourself and form your own opinion.

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