MicroStation Tip Corner – Configuration Variables for Settings Files

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By Rick Sewell, Director of Customer Services and Support
Many CAD Managers install Axiom products on a network. One concern that is shared among them is that their users (using the same product on the network) may overwrite each other’s settings files. This can be undesirable, especially when the users are working on different projects that require different settings. To avoid this, you can use configuration variables to customize the operation of MicroStation by pointing to a different settings file for each user.

In this tip, we will cover setting up the configuration variable for FileFixer’s settings file.

With MicroStation open, go to Workspace | Configuration, this will load the Configuration dialog box.

  1. Press the <New…> button to define a new configuration variable.
  2. In the New Configuration Variable dialog box, type “FIXER_INI” in the Variable field. In the New Value field, enter the path where you would like to save your settings file. In this example we use “C:TEMP”.

  3. Press <OK> on the New Configuration Variable dialog box and then <OK> again on the Configuration dialog box. Press <Yes> on the Alert dialog to save the changes.

You will need to restart MicroStation for the newly defined variable to become active.

More Configuration Variables
Here is a list of the MicroStation Productivity Toolkit products that have such configuration variables available:

  • CellManager — CELLMGR_INI
  • Global File Changer — CHANGER_RSC
  • FileFixer — FIXER_INI
  • Microsoft Office Importer — OFFICE_INI
  • RefMerge — REFMERGE_RSC
  • RefManager — REFMGR_RSC
  • SpellChecker — SPELL_RSC
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