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MicroStation Tips & Tricks: Load Your Favorite MicroStation V8i Command Fast with a Function Key

By Rick Sewell, Axiom Director of Customer Services


Rick Sewell, beloved CAD ace, lives to help CAD users get their projects done on time. He really lives for this stuff. Give him a call and put him to the test.

Busy MicroStation users are always on the lookout for faster ways to get work done. Covered here is a simple way to speed things up using your Function keys.

Have you ever noticed that the row of keys at the top of your keyboard that start with “F” never seem to get much use? Well, it just so happens you can make use of those F-keys (Function keys) to invoke dialog boxes or commands in MicroStation.

It’s really simple to assign commands to the Function keys. You can use Function keys by themselves or in combination with other keys. In this example, I’ll show you how to load AccuDraw using the key sequence {Shift+F12}.

    1. Go to Workspace | Function Keys…


Figure 1. “Function Keys” is the dialog box that allows you to assign commands to your F-Keys.

    1. Toggle on the “Shift” key by checking it in the upper segment of the box.
    2. Select “F12” from the pull-down list.
    3. In the “Action:” window, enter the MicroStation keyin command “AccuDraw Activate”. (See Figure 2.)


Figure 2. In addition to using the function key, you can also use any combination of {Ctrl}, {Alt} and {Shift} for a total of 96 different combinations.

  1. Press {OK} to close the “Function Keys:” dialog box.
  2. Now, try out your new trick by holding down the shift key and pressing “F12”.

Remember, you can enter any valid MicroStation keyin command you want. In case you’re wondering, MicroStation does publish their key-ins in “Help”. Go to Help | Contents.


Figure 3. Assigning function keys to the MicroStation key-ins that you use on a regular basis can save you time when working on a project. You can find a full list of MicroStation’s key-in commands by going to Help | Help Topics while in MicroStation.

MicroStation is the powerful CAD system that it is, because it can be made to work for you. Use this tip and get your projects done faster.

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