More fun with function keys!

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  • Using function keys can speed up your workflow. Here is a way to use function keys. As a refresher for the rusty (or an introduction for the neophytes), the “Function Keys” dialog box is under the Workspace menu.

    Once there, scroll down and find an available key. Then, click on <Edit> and try out this tip:
    Reference files: Now you see them…now you don’t!

    A good key-in to have readily available in a function key is the “reference display” key-in. This will toggle the display of reference files in your active view. You can set one function key to turn off all reference files and one function key to turn them back on. Assign the following key-ins to any two function keys and have fun:

    To turn off reference files: “reference display off all”.

    To turn on reference files: “reference display on all”.

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