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  • SpecMonitor, DgnCompare and Duplicate Element Remover added to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USAMicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8’s value has been increased by the addition of three newly-released V8 utilities: SpecMonitor, DgnCompare and Duplicate Element Remover. These staples of the V7 version of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit are finally taking their position in the V8 world.

    Perfect CAD standards with SpecMonitor for V8
    “SpecMonitor ensures that my drawings are created to the specific projects’ standards before I even place an element. This has once again saved my company time and money and will definitely save us a lot more in the future with its continued use on new projects.” T. Burgoa, Metcalf & Eddy Inc

    Would reducing quality assurance time allow you to complete MicroStation projects faster? Are you interested in an easy solution that would ensure standards adherence every time an element is placed? Tired of paying hard-earned money for plots, just to throw them away? Would you like your users to consistently adhere to CAD standards? The solution is SpecMonitor for V8.

    You could stand over some one’s shoulder and watch them draw (what fun), or let SpecMonitor for V8 do it for you. SpecMonitor for V8 will politely inform the user that an element/symbology combination is invalid, and actually tell them the correct symbology for a selected level.

    SpecMonitor for V8 doesn’t take breaks, spill coffee on the keyboard or make beer runs (hey, we can’t do everything). SpecMonitor for V8 will simply enforce the standards that you worked so hard to develop. If you can’t be everywhere to enforce standards, let SpecMonitor for V8 be there for you. Reduce costs by ensuring all elements have standard symbology. SpecMonitor for V8 can help save you time and money.

    Compare design files with DgnCompare for V8
    “DgnCompare is a useful utility. When I needed to compare a very old drawing with a newer version of it, all I had to do see the difference between the two was to look at the design file report that DgnCompare gave me. DgnCompare has made MicroStation a lot easier to use.” J. Louallen, Champion International Corp

    You are sitting there looking at two MicroStation design files with the same name. They are both about six months old. You know one of the files has been changed, but what are the differences? Did someone make changes for a later project? Did you put the second set of changes in the correct file? The solution: DgnCompare for V8.

    Unlike MicroStation V8’s Design History, DgnCompare allows users to check for changes between two separate design files, not just changes made to the active design file.

    For each design file processed, DgnCompare generates a graphical report design file showing the deleted, added and modified elements. There is also an option to generate a text report of the differences.

    With the expanding use of wide area networks (WANs) and many companies having several branch offices, it is common to share files across several sites and to have different revisions. It is easy for the files to become out of sync. DgnCompare will quickly show the differences between versions of the same file.

    Remove duplicate and near-duplicate elements with Duplicate Element Remover for V8!
    “Sometimes when a file gets converted, it becomes loaded up with duplicate elements on top of themselves. We can then easily clean those out by running Duplicate Element Remover, shrinking a converted file to a quarter of its original size.” J. Matula, The Smith Group

    The third addition to the MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V8 is Duplicate Element Remover for V8. Duplicate MicroStation elements are a bigger problem than most MicroStation experts realize. Time is wasted when you have to stop and figure out why elements aren’t moved or deleted when they should have been. Plots may show heavy lines when it should be a thin line.

    If someone does a fence copy but hits an extra data point, it can cause hundreds of duplicate elements – without the user knowing. Once the user closes the file, the undo buffer gets cleared and all duplicates must be cleaned up manually… unless you have Duplicate Element Remover for V8.

    Duplicate Element Remover for V8 gives you a choice of using batch mode or interactive mode. In batch mode, if you choose to remove all the duplicate elements in a set of design files, say *.dgn, it will remove all the duplicates (and near duplicates) in those design files with no further human intervention. In interactive mode, Duplicate Element Remover for V8 zooms in on each duplicate element, letting you decide to delete (or not delete) each duplicate one at a time. Check a couple of files and turn it loose. To increase the user’s control, Duplicate Element Remover for V8 even has several options to let users define criteria that must be satisfied for an element to be considered a duplicate. For example, you can set a tolerance that lets you find line segments that have almost, but not quite exactly the same vertices.

    Manual detection of duplicate elements is time-consuming and tedious, that was before Duplicate Element Remover for V8!

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