Multi-line joints

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This month, we are going to learn about the “Multi-line Joints” tool box.

Joints are simply intersections of multi-lines. Multi-lines are sets of two or more parallel lines treated as a single object, commonly used for drawing walls in floor plans.

At first glance, the Multi-line Joints tools dialog box can be a bit intimidating. Accessed through Tools | Multi-Joints, it provides you with easy ways to make cross joints, tee joints and corner joints from multi-lines.

This is the specimen we are working with, two overlapping multi-lines:

Below are pictures showing you what the seven types of multi-line joints look like:

Closed cross joint

Merged cross joint

Open cross joint

Closed tee joint

Open tee joint

Merged tee joint

Corner joint

Any joints you create using these tools are not permanent, because even after you create the joint, you can manipulate the multi-line as it was before you created the joint. This means that if you are not satisfied with the location of a joint you have created, then you can just select the multi-line you want to reposition and make the joint again. However, if you delete any part of the multi-line using any of the tools that partially delete multilines, then those partial multi-line deletions would be permanent, unlike the joints.

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