Multiple string operations added to new RefManager interface.

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  • Latest release enhances RefManager’s most frequently used feature.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — RefManager, already known to address just about every known reference file issue imaginable, has just been upgraded with new features. The new release is designed to make modifying reference file attachment names easier than ever.

    Per Axiom Executive VP Operations Lee Geer, “The most frequently used RefManager feature is modifying reference file attachment names. Because of this, we made it a goal to make this feature easier to use. That goal was certainly met in the most recent RefManager release.”

    Here are examples of both the old and new “Attachment Names” dialog box:

    In the old version, users had to separate old and new strings on the same line with a pipe (|) like this:

    The prior version of RefManager required a pipe (|) symbol to separate old and new file path references. This produced somewhat messy entry field.

    In the new version, users can choose the applicable component from a pull-down list and then enter their old and new string values in the new “From:” and “To:” fields.

    Another change is that for the first time ever, users can do multiple string operations at the same time. Instead of specifying just a path to replace, they can do a path and a file name and make other changes too — all in a single run of the program. Axiom has also included a new <Test> button feature.

    This section of the dialog box is where string operations are added. Users have the ability to add as many as they like before executing them.

    By using this new feature, users can compare the new and old reference file attachment settings and get a report on exactly what the resulting changes will be in their reference files before they commit to the change.

    For example: “CAD manager A” has a reference file attached called “new.dgn”. The reference file name is ok, but the stored reference file path is wrong. If his “From:” and “To:” fields look like this:

    Then his <Test> report will look like this:

    Once he has reviewed the report, he can change his specifications and retest or if everything looks good he can go ahead with the changes.

    Per RefManager’s Product Manager, Steve Palmer, “When projects get moved from one directory to another or from one server drive to another, MicroStation users turn to RefManager to modify the reference file attachment paths. Over time, RefManager’s file name modification tools have evolved to encompass logical names, descriptions and most recently, model names. All of these strings — and practically every other reference file setting — can be manipulated with RefManager. So take a fresh look at RefManager and see what it can do now.”

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