New AutoCAD product automatically fixes broken references to external files.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — LinkTek Corporation, a leading provider of data migration software, announced today the release of a new version of their LinkFixerPlus link maintenance and repair program, designed specifically for users of Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. LinkFixerPlus for AutoCAD ensures that references to external files (such as xrefs, images, fonts, sheet sets and other files) are automatically maintained when files are moved or renamed – for example, when drawing files are moved to a new folder, disk drive or server. This newest release adds to LinkFixerPlus‘ current ability to move and rename Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, InDesign, Pagemaker and Windows shortcut files without causing broken links.

    Nearly all users of AutoCAD have references in their drawing files that point to external files, such as xrefs, images, fonts, sheet sets and other files. Consequently users are often faced with a special problem: what to do when they want to move or rename DWG files or any of the referenced files. As soon as any of these files (or the folders they reside in) are moved or renamed, broken links are created.

    If moving or renaming a file or folder causes only a few broken references, the problem is not severe. The user can manually open each AutoCAD file and manually fix each broken references. But what if moving or renaming files or folders would cause dozens, hundreds or even thousands of broken references?

    This is the problem that LinkTek Corporation’s patent-pending product, LinkFixerPlus for AutoCAD, solves. Using LinkFixerPlus for AutoCAD an AutoCAD user can easily move or rename drawing files along with the files they reference, in batch, and have all of the references maintained totally automatically!

    LinkFixerPlus for AutoCAD gives AutoCAD users the ability to:

    • Rename or move drawing files, and the files they reference, in batch, using sophisticated rename rules, without causing broken references in the drawing files.
    • Perform sophisticated repathing of references contained in large batches of drawing files with a single command.
    • Generate a broken reference report listing all drawing files containing broken references, so they can be fixed before causing problems.
    • Generate a regular report listing each drawing file followed by a list of the files it references.
    • Generate a cross-reference report listing each referenced file followed by a list of all the drawing files that point to it.
    • Safeguard references in drawing files, allowing them to be automatically repaired when they become broken or when files are moved or renamed.
    • Repath broken references in safeguarded drawing files totally automatically.
    • Report whether a file is being pointed to by any drawing file anywhere on a user’s system, thereby letting the user know whether the file is safe to delete, rename or move.

    First introduced at the 2002 Internet World convention in New York City, LinkFixerPlus won the Best of Show award in the design category. Since that time, LinkFixerPlus has been favorably mentioned on: Computer America talk radio, CNET radio, CNNfn, PC Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Computer World and the Wall Street Journal.

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