New CellManager for V8 batch modifies text strings in cells throughout cell libraries.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom announced the release of a new version of CellManager for V8. CellManager 8.1 modifies text strings in cells in batch throughout cell libraries in MicroStation V8. Modifications can be restricted based on level, color, weight, style, cell name and other element characteristics. In addition, CellManager 8.1 can display more information about cells than prior releases when cataloging libraries via its cell library documentation feature (more below).

    Standardize the symbology and content of cell text strings in batch with CellManager for V8.

    The “Modify Text” dialog, in combination with CellManager’s existing cell selection features, consolidates all tools necessary to precisely select and modify text within cells in cell libraries while also modifying cell text font, height, width, symbology and level. Serving as robust management tools for CAD managers, these functions are not available through native MicroStation commands.

    Users moving from V7 to V8 have discovered that V8 cells have a number of characteristics not present in V7 – for example, cell-specific date and time stamps (date and time of last modification), cell-specific working units and cell-specific dimension elements. Each of these new V8 cell characteristics are now supported in CellManager 8.1, so users can include them in CellManager-generated cell library documentation and in CellManager reports. This functionality is only found in CellManager for V8.

    To help users report on the new V8 cell characteristics, CellManager 8.1 is delivered with templates and examples which demonstrate how to use the new features. Users can follow the examples to create customized cell library documentation and reports.

    CellManager for V8’s cell library modification powers aid in managing and maintaining cell libraries by cleaning, organizing, splitting and combining cell libraries. CellManager for V8 also allows users to rename cells, change descriptions, move cells from library to library, move component elements of cells from level to level, change colors, change weights, scale cells and change point cells to graphic cells. Each command works on either one cell at a time or on all tagged cells for multi-cell operations.

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