New GEOPAK Beginning Road training library released!

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom announces the release of the first ever GEOPAK library of computer-based courses, GEOPAK Beginning Road. The GEOPAK Beginning Road library consists of a series of five courses: Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling, Advanced Digital Terrain Modeling, Project Manager for Road, Existing Ground Cross Section and Introduction to Coordinate Geometry.

    The GEOPAK Beginning Road library is the first of nine libraries Axiom has in development. Authored by experts in the field and put through Axiom’s rigorous quality assurance process, the GEOPAK Beginning Road will allow GEOPAK users to train on GEOPAK concepts at their own pace and on their own schedule

    Available both on a standalone CD-ROM or as a course for LearningBay (Axiom’s training management system), the GEOPAK Beginning Road library is designed to help new users get a fast start on GEOPAK and to polish up the skills of veteran users.Below is a short description of each of the courses in the GEOPAK Beginning Road library:

    • Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling is a basic introduction to the DTM for those new to GEOPAK.
    • Advanced Digital Terrain Modeling provides extensive examples for creating and manipulating models, volumes and features.
    • Project Manager for Road discusses how to set up a project, define preferences, working alignments and various procedures included in the Project Manager.
    • Existing Ground Cross Section details how to draw cross sections, generate ground lines, draw right-of-ways and create sheets.
    • Introduction to Coordinate Geometry covers the creation of the GEOPAK coordinate geometry (COGO) database (*.GPK file, made up of stored geometric elements such as points, lines, curves, etc…) and includes details on using the COGO Navigator (used to view, edit and display coordinate geometry elements).

    Axiom’s GEOPAK courses provide “hands on” drills that enable students to try out material learned without needing a copy of GEOPAK.

    Axiom’s Senior Product Manager, Mike Arroyo, answered a few questions about the significance of this release.

    MicroStation Today: Why is this release significant?
    Arroyo: We have sent a message to the MicroStation community that Axiom is focused on improving their productivity at every level, from solving common problems to how they get their general training. This release is significant because this library is our “maiden voyage” into developing training material for vertical Bentley products.

    MST: How does Axiom plan to handle upgrades to GEOPAK? How long will it take to deliver course content with the new changes?
    Arroyo: All our courses use a series of templates designed to increase the speed for creating and updating materials. With simple editors such as Notepad and Paintbrush, we are able to quickly insert, edit and update contents.

    With LearningBay, administrators can easily offer the new GEOPAK Beginning Road training library to students.

    MST: With Notepad and Paintbrush…?
    Arroyo: Yes! In fact, companies that purchase the optional authoring package may edit our courses to reflect their own workflow or custom programs.

    MST: How does Bentley feel about the release of the GEOPAK library?
    Arroyo: We are providing a unique service. We are helping companies migrate to Bentley products from other CAD platforms by providing this very convenient and easy training. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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