New GEOPAK e-learning courses cover entire road design process.

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  • Unique GEOPAK learning system provides self-paced training.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom announces the release of the GEOPAK* Intermediate Road Library.

    Sample lesson from the Plan Quantities GEOPAK course.

    The newest edition in the GEOPAK series of Axiom’s e-learning solutions, GEOPAK Intermediate Road Library, is the complete training library that trains new roadway designers on the road design process from start to finish. In seven in-depth courses, GEOPAK Intermediate Road Library trains students on design and earthwork for roadways as well as how to create plots of their roadway designs.

    Below are short descriptions of each of the courses in GEOPAK Intermediate Road Library:

    Horizontal and Vertical Geometry Layout Tools: This course covers several sets of tools that compute alignments and profiles for different types of roads, from basic to complex.

    Plans Preparation Tools for Road Projects: This course covers the tools needed to create construction plans as well as using GEOPAK’s Design and Computation (D&C) Manager to compute quantities. Also featured are draw transitions, plan and profile labeling, generation plan and plan/profile sheets.

    Basic Proposed Cross Sections: This course works through the generation of proposed cross sections, both inside and outside of Project Manager. [Editors Note: GEOPAK Project Manager is a tool that tracks and automatically fills dialog boxes with information such as the GEOPAK coordinate geometry (COGO) job number, users, project files, working directories and various user preferences within a specific project]. This includes how to utilize all previously-created information from the design process: geometry, superelevation and existing ground sections.

    Basic Earthwork: This course covers computing earthwork both inside and outside Project Manager. Includes cut/fill calculations, undercuts, unsuitable materials, review of the log file and how to interactively fix errors.

    Superelevation Tools: This course focuses on how to define pavement cross slopes using several different tools. The training begins with roadways not requiring superelevation transitions, called “shapeless”, and ends with automatically calculating superelevation transitions. Sections on drawing pavement shapes and using reviewing, editing and analyzing tools are also included in this course.

    Storing Graphics: This course looks at the different methods of linking graphic elements and linking back into the coordinate geometry database. This includes points, lines, curves, chains, and parcels.

    Plan Quantities Utilizing GEOPAK: This course shows how to generate a list of project materials and how to compute take-off of any kind that includes such items as curbs, gutters, water and sewer pipes and lengths. Then, various examples are demonstrated on how to format the list to various types of output, depending on the needs of the user.

    In each course, students will find an interactive learning environment that covers an integral part of the process of designing an entire road. Unlike a classroom, each student can progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully understand each section before moving on. What’s more, students don’t need to have a copy of GEOPAK installed to be able to learn. With GEOPAK Intermediate Road Library, students can do hands-on drills in each lesson with movies, audio and interactive multimedia presentations to simulate all phases of roadway design.

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