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  • Increase InRoads production speed through training fundamentals.

    By David McDaniel

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Before we begin, we have an announcement: Axiom is raising a toast to our fifth anniversary in the world of e-learning! That’s right: we’ve been in the business of online training for five years this month — since the introduction of LearningCenter in April of 2003. LearningCenter has since evolved into LearningBay, our complement of courses has grown from three to over a hundred, our staff has quadrupled and we’ve tripled the number of delivery methods available. Thousands of MicroStation users have increased their productivity with LearningBay training. The list of accomplishments is long, so we’ll summarize simply by saying, “We’ve grown.”

    Orientation to InRoads includes video and a glossary on every page.

    Now for the real announcement: Axiom’s basic InRoads courses have now been packaged into a single group of online courses, Orientation to InRoads, designed specifically for the new InRoads user. This group, called a “library”, is composed of four courses that, together, cover the fundamentals of working within the InRoads environment. Let’s take a look:

    • InRoads 701 — InRoads Essentials: The first course covers the basics of navigating through the interface, defines the CAD platform and introduces the various aspects of the InRoads surface model, the Geometry Project and profile creation.
    • InRoads 702 — Methods, Tools, Reports & Templates: This course covers the basics of the Typical Sections Library, the Roadway Modeler, cross section creation, volume calculations and reporting.
    • InRoads 703 — InRoads Managers: Managers, in InRoads, are tools to help you manage dialog box settings and characteristics of InRoads data. The InRoads Managers course takes an overall look at the Managers, including the Symbology, Feature Style, Geometry Style and Preference Managers. The basic purpose and function of these important InRoads administrative tools are addressed.
    • InRoads 704 — InRoads Locks: The last course in this group gives a thorough overview of the key InRoads locks that are used within the software. Locks are ways of controlling drawing inputs. A majority of the locks are presented with an explanation of their purpose and function.

    Users completing these courses do so with the confidence to begin working with the InRoads software and all its tools. And when your users are ready for the next level, Axiom is standing by. We have a full suite of InRoads training courses available, each designed to move users progressively up to the next level of expertise.

    Put our experience to work for you. Whether your students are new to InRoads, or old hands that need to advance their game, Axiom has the training solution you need.

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