New InRoads training libraries!

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  • Axiom and Mark Ditko team up to release InRoads e-learning courses.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom announces the release of the first-ever browser-based InRoads training courses. InRoads is a civil engineering package for both MicroStation and AutoCAD, which is used by about half of the Departments of Transportation in the United States, as well as numerous engineering firms for site and road design. As part of this release, the LearningBay InRoads courses have been grouped into eleven major libraries (groups of similar courses) as follows:

    • Orientation to InRoads
    • Methods & Tools
    • Production Essentials
    • Settings, Styles and Symbology
    • Surface Essentials
    • Horizontal Geometry
    • Profiling
    • Vertical Geometry
    • Typical Sections
    • Corridor Modeling
    • Cross Sections

    LearningBay offers the world’s first e-learning courses for InRoads.

    Each new InRoads course is available for delivery with either LearningBay Enterprise, LearningBay Professional or via the LearningBay Hosted service. For those new to Axiom’s training products, LearningBay Enterprise is a learning management system (LMS) for use in a mid- to large-scale corporate environment. LearningBay Professional is similar but designed for use in a small- to mid-size company. LearningBay Hosted is a training site hosted by Axiom and accessed via the Internet. With all three methods of course delivery, the student simply logs in using a browser and takes the course at their own pace.

    Since their introduction, LearningBay courses have advanced traditional methods of training. Until Axiom came on the scene, MicroStation training was limited to instructor-led classes, help files and manuals. The online courses combine thorough sets of instruction with hands-on labs, videos and practice sessions, in a self-paced setting with centralized monitoring and examination, extending the traditional training model to new levels of effectiveness. Instructors can keep tabs on student progress, identify trouble areas (either slow students or difficult subjects), set requirements and more. Students learn InRoads at their own pace, on their own schedule, right from their own desk. Further, LearningBay can automatically build review content based on missed test questions. Students have the materials available to them at all times for reference or review. As this announcement goes to press, hundreds of corporate customers are already taking advantage of Axiom’s efficient training solutions for Bentley products like MicroStation and GEOPAK.

    Inroads Essentials includes audio, video and a glossary on every page.

    As mentioned in the MicroStation Today, Extra Edition earlier this year, Axiom has partnered with InRoads guru, Mark Ditko. Mark leads an all-star cast of authors, generating and maintaining the hundreds of pages of content that comprise the full set of InRoads libraries. “What makes me excited about this joint venture with Axiom,” said Mark Ditko, “is that I’m able to combine my years of InRoads training know-how with Axiom’s proven learning technology to produce the highest quality on-demand e-learning courses.” Axiom has once again enlisted the help of experts to create the absolute best, training materials possible.

    LearningBay began with a full set of libraries for MicroStation, then released nine training libraries of GEOPAK, a powerful civil engineering package for MicroStation. With the InRoads and GEOPAK libraries, Axiom can efficiently train the vast majority of civil engineers across the United States and even around the world.

    InRoads training is available and waiting for you. If your company uses InRoads for civil design, give Axiom a call to learn more.

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