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New Software Upgrade Implements CAD Standards in Record Time

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom announces the release of a major enhancement to SpecChecker, which gives MicroStation users the ability to easily create rules files and start checking DGN files in just minutes. A key factor that allows users to get started checking CAD standards so quickly is SpecChecker’s new ability to rapidly make comprehensive rules based on the levels, text styles and dimension styles contained in DGN libraries as well as from elements contained in existing design files.


New upgrade allows users to quickly create a comprehensive set of CAD standards rules for elements, levels, text styles and dimension styles based on one or more DGN library files.

According to Rick DeWitt, Axiom’s Senior Product Developer, “What users want is a fast and reliable way to create and validate 100% conformance to CAD standards, without a lot of hassles. The key that finally made this possible was creating a brand-new feature that allows the software to automatically create standards rules in minutes based on already-existing DGN libraries. Essentially, the user just points SpecChecker at an existing DGN library and the software extracts the various settings and symbology and then generates the CAD standard rules that it uses to verify the standards on whatever DGN files the operator wants to use it on. There’s no guessing, it’s easy to use and ensures you get the results you expect.”

More than Just Element Validation
Not only can users start checking CAD standards in just minutes, the latest release of SpecChecker now has the ability to check and correct level properties of master and reference file levels, in addition to checking and correcting graphic elements. Virtually anything, about a design file or its graphic elements, can now be automatically verified and corrected. This helps to ensure that design files are in 100% compliance with the desired CAD standards.

From Nothing to Checking CAD Standards in Minutes
According to DeWitt, “More and more companies are being provided DGN libraries which contain the CAD standards that need to be followed. We wanted to create a way to rapidly generate rules from these files. SpecChecker does just that.”

To create the rules, users simply place the DGN libraries that they want to create rules from into a folder, tell SpecChecker where they are and press {Start}. SpecChecker analyzes the DGN libraries and automatically creates a comprehensive set of rules that can then be used to check — in batch or interactively — that CAD standards have been followed.

Once the rules are created, dozens, hundreds or thousands of project files can be checked immediately, in batch or interactively. In batch mode, SpecChecker proofreads and corrects design files automatically. In interactive mode, SpecChecker zooms in on each error, one at a time. Users can skip to the next error, correct the error or correct all the errors in the rest of the file automatically.

Help for Translated Files
The new release can also check and correct the custom line style scale factor of graphic elements and levels that use a custom line style. This is an important feature for CAD users who need to fix line style scale problems in CAD files translated from AutoCAD to MicroStation.

How to Contact Axiom
For more information on SpecChecker or for a free demo, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 3987 or e-mail or visit Axiom on the Web at

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