New SpecChecker handles huge rules files — fast!

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  • By Eiren K. Smith, Product Manager
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — As a result of the trend toward larger, more complex CAD standards, Axiom has released a new version of SpecChecker. SpecChecker can now handle very large rules files and even does so using far less memory than previous versions. It can load these rules files faster than ever before, thereby reducing processing time.

    With cheetah-like speed, SpecChecker can handle your huge rules files super fast.

    What are rules files?
    SpecChecker “understands” your CAD standards by way of “rules” files. Rules files are text files that describe your standards in a way that SpecChecker can use and enforce automatically.

    Huge rules files
    Gone are the days of simple, small design files and simple CAD standards. Judging by the size of the rules files, design files and CAD standards that our support staff receives regularly from customers, we know that files are getting bigger, with no end in sight. Part of this is the trend toward “unlimited quantities” such as MicroStation V8’s support for an “unlimited” number of levels and its ability to create huge, multi-model design files.

    SpecChecker’s rules files are no exception. As CAD standards get more complex, SpecChecker’s rules files have grown in size, as they are a reflection of those standards. A few years ago, a thousand-line rules file was the exception. Today it’s almost the rule. Our users asked us to make SpecChecker run faster with huge rules files (ones with thousands of lines). We’ve done it. Using the newest version of SpecChecker, you can now load a rules file containing many thousands of rules in seconds. In the past, such
    a rules file could take many minutes and lots of memory to load.

    Tiny memory footprint for large rules files
    A number of users also wanted SpecChecker to use less memory with those huge rules files. This is done. Rules files containing thousands of rules used to take hundreds of megabytes of memory. These same rules files now consume only tens of megabytes, if not less. See for yourself: Start SpecChecker with a many-thousand-line rules file and watch your memory usage. Its new meager memory usage is a thing of beauty, especially for veteran SpecChecker users with large, complex standards to enforce.

    SpecChecker now has a tiny memory footprint.

    To avail yourself of this release, just watch your e-mail inbox for your automatic update notification if you are a current Axiom Maintenance Plus holder. Or click on “Check for updates…” on your Axiom menu in MicroStation. As always, installation is easy. Before you install your update, be sure to request a new license by e-mailing us at
    Your feedback is invaluable. If you have any SpecChecker requests or ideas, please contact me directly at I’m all ears.

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