New technology instantly finds text elements in thousands of MicroStation files and modifies them — in one super-fast batch process!

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions, announces the release of CadExplorer version 2.0. The new release allows users to make batch modifications to text elements in dozens, hundreds or thousands of design files across multiple projects quickly with the ability to preview the changes that will be made in an easy-to-use, spreadsheet-like view before committing the changes!

    CadExplorer utilizes new technology that lets users magically ignore the boundaries between MicroStation files and interactively find, display, analyze, explore, report on and investigate MicroStation data in ways never before possible. The recently enhanced CadExplorer now lets users modify selected text in just seconds — even using wildcard and regular expression substitution. Users can preview proposed text changes in a spreadsheet-like view before committing them to the design files. Generating the preview windows takes only seconds, even when processing thousands of design files! Additionally, users do not have to have access to MicroStation to in order to analyze design files or modify text elements. There is no easier way to select, preview and modify text across multiple MicroStation design files.

    “I won’t use the word ‘revolutionary’ because that term has been overused and so most people, when they see that word, assume it’s just another case of an ad agency trying to make a big splash”, said Ed Clark, President of Axiom. “That’s unfortunate because every once in a great while, something comes along that actually does fit the definition of ‘revolutionary’. This technology does something that has never been done before and should reset the thinking on how to handle text in CAD files. (Yes, this release works only for MicroStation. Hang in there, AutoCAD nation.)” Clark continued, “We listen to users, most of whom work in Engineering or other CAD-using shops where someone (often many ‘someones’) is spending an awful lot of man-hours on adding, removing or modifying text in many or all the files of a project. What a ridiculous loss of time that is. But it’s not the users’ fault. What else could they do? Until now.”

    In addition to the new text modification capability, here are just a few of the other things that users can do with CadExplorer:

    • Instantly find, using any combination of common MicroStation element characteristics, any MicroStation element (or elements) in any design file in a project or at an entire site.
    • Instantly zoom in on found elements in any design file that resides on the network. At the click of a button, CadExplorer will open the design file containing the found element or elements, zoom in on them and await further instructions.
    • Instantly and interactively search all the design files in any project or at an entire site for elements that violate specific standards that you can generate on the spot.
    • Find all kinds of oddball errors.
    • Find all kinds of oddball duplicates (duplicate elements, models or files).
    • Instantly see a list of reference files and which design files have them attached.
    • See how many times each cell is included in a certain set of design files.
    • Export from CadExplorer to Microsoft Excel.
    • Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to perform free-form queries on design file data. Use Crystal Reports, or IT’s favorite tools, to view and report CadExplorer data.

    CadExplorer uses a technology similar to Google. Just as Google constantly scans the Internet, building a database of every webpage it finds, CadExplorer scans design files to maintain a database of all the MicroStation elements and models in a project or at a site. CadExplorer’s database is a live, up-to-date mirror (cache) of the actual MicroStation data. The actual MicroStation files are not moved or modified in any way. CadExplorer is blazingly fast because it gathers all the data it needs invisibly before you request it. Once set up, it does its job totally automatically. CadExplorer then lets users instantly and interactively view, sort, filter and group MicroStation design file data in any imaginable way.

    How to contact Axiom
    For more information on CadExplorer or to see a free, online demonstration, call Axiom at 727-442-7774 extension 1638 or e-mail or visit Axiom on the Web at

    About Axiom
    Axiom is the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions and the largest third-party provider of general-purpose add-ons and e-learning for MicroStation. Axiom focuses on creating time-saving and productivity-boosting tools based on real-world problems MicroStation users encounter. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Axiom has been developing software for MicroStation for over 20 years. MicroStation is the flagship CAD package of Bentley Systems, Incorporated of Exton, Pennsylvania.

    CadExplorer, and Axiom are trademarks of Axiom. MicroStation is a registered trademark of Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. Crystal Reports is a registered trademark of Business Objects SA.

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