New Title Block Manager release supports tag data.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom recently re-leased a new version of Title Block Manager which extracts and updates title block information stored in MicroStation tag elements. This recent enhancement was added due to a large number of customer requests. Title Block Manager brings about consistency of the data stored in title blocks by automating batch modifications of this data throughout MicroStation design projects.

    The new release of Title Block Manager can extract and modify data in existing title blocks that use tags.

    This release empowers the user to update and report on information existing in title blocks that use MicroStation tags to store this information. Title Block Manager extracts tag data from title blocks placed by customers before they owned Title Block Manager and updates that information in batch.

    Title Block Manager’s rapid new-feature development and popularity stems from its ease of implementation and its practical management of MicroStation files and title block information, without the need of using a complex document management system. However, if a document management system is in use, Title Block Manager makes it possible to leverage project information by interfacing with Microsoft Excel, which can import and export the most popular data storage files (like comma-delimited, tab-delimited or space-delimited files), which are used by document management systems as well.

    Title Block Administrator’s main dialog box and function list

    Since project design files are often constantly being revised, design information contained in title blocks also needs to be revised to reflect these changes. Oftentimes, design files are created which have sheet numbers that have previously been assigned to other files in a project. This makes it necessary to re-sequence sheet numbers throughout the project, requiring quite a bit of manual work just to re-number the sheets.

    With Title Block Manager, users have an intuitive, project-based, batch-processing solution which makes it easy to add and update specific information in title blocks as they work on MicroStation design projects.

    Title Block Manager components
    To fully understand Title Block Manager, the user must first be acquainted with its components. Title Block Manager consists of two separate applications: Title Block Administrator and Title Block Client.

    Title Block Client’s data entry dialog box

    Title Block Administrator is used to create title block cells. It is also used to extract the information contained in title blocks from any number of design files and then write that information to an Excel spreadsheet. The information can then be easily updated or modified in Excel and pushed back into the title blocks using Title Block Administrator.

    Title Block Client provides users with a means of adding a standardized title block to a design file or easily modifying the title block information in a single title block.

    Via its component applications, Title Block Administrator and Title Block Client, Title Block Manager keeps data consistent throughout all of a project’s design files and saves users time during the design phase of the project and at the end when getting designs ready for final submittal.

    The benefits of using Title Block Manager
    Using Title Block Manager, MicroStation users can ensure that the data within their title blocks is consistent in look and content. Now, users will be able to extract and update data in existing title blocks which contain such data in tags. Title Block Manager takes away the hardships of performing manual updates to multiple title blocks to ensure consistency.

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