New Title Block Manager supports Microsoft Access databases and is ten times faster!

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — The beginning of a project is the starting line, and everyone intends to get to the finish line without any delays. The deadlines have been set, so now it’s time to start the race. Engines rev, the light turns green, tires squeal and you’re off! Now the finish line is within your reach! However, with a project deadline rapidly approaching, roadblocks always seem to pop up at the most unexpected times. Small modifications and additions to title block information can continually impede on-time submissions.

    Title Block Manager has been upgraded with horsepower, under the hood, for CAD shops that do not want title block changes to delay submissions.

    The Title Block Manager workflow
    Title Block Manager, Axiom’s title block management solution, works with multiple design files and automatically extracts information stored within their title blocks into an editable database. Title Block Manager has the ability to intelligently read a design file and distinguish between elements of the design and those of the title block. Then, Title Block Manager can extract all the title block data into a database. (The database can be either Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.)

    Once in the database, sheet numbers, revisions and titles can all be changed to suit project needs. After all modifications are made, Title Block Manager uses these changes to update the title blocks. Title Block Manager’s functionality dramatically cuts down the time it takes to perform these modifications.

    Speed demon!
    The Title Block Manager design team is always pushing the limits of the program, and it was noticed that tests were taking than they wanted. So they just added more horsepower.

    Title Block Manager versions 3.0a (V7) and 8.3a (V8) are now faster! Time trials reveal that they are now at least ten times faster than previous versions. All of Title Block Manager’s functions have dramatically sped up across the board to offer increased productivity to all Title Block Manager users. Changes to title blocks can now be made in seconds as opposed to minutes!

    About the speed increase, Valeriy Redko of Dampier Salt Limited states, “It is…ten times faster than the 8.0b version. It was worth the wait!”

    Speed isn’t the whole story!
    Not only is Title Block Manager faster, but it now works with Microsoft Access. This increases the versatility of the program, allowing users to either create true databases of their title block data, or familiar Excel spreadsheets.

    This version also boasts a switch from an OLE style linkage to that of an ODBC style linkage.


    • OLE (Object Linking and Embedding): Developed by the Microsoft corporation, OLE allows for the creation of objects in one application and then links or embeds them in a second application.
    • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity): A connectivity method that acts as standard for database access that will work with a multitude of database types. This includes Microsoft Excel and Access.

    An ODBC style linkage was chosen by the product development team due to its speed and compatibility with a variety of different database types. Ultimately, this means added flexibility for Title Block Manager and its users. Users can now extract their data into a true database format. Of course users still have the option of extracting to Excel spreadsheets, if that is preferred.

    “Upgrading to an ODBC linkage was a natural evolution for the program and now provides a wide avenue for future enhancements,” states Title Block Manager Product Manager, Chris Borales.

    Get outta the way!
    Title Block Manager is now faster, and its capability to create both Excel spreadsheets as well as Access databases now gives it the flexibility to take any project across the finish line fast!

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