New version of Microsoft Office Importer let you modify display attributes of spreadsheets previously placed in MicroStation files.

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  • CLEARWATER, FL, USA — Axiom proudly announces the release of two new versions of Microsoft Office Importer, the MicroStation utility that allows users to import huge quantities of spreadsheet and word processing data with exceptional formatting and a direct link to the source document so the MicroStation file is updated automatically. Both versions (3.6 for V7 and 8.3 for V8) boast the new ability to update text and border symbology for imported spreadsheets and word processing data.

    The newest release of Microsoft Office Importer allows users to modify the display attributes of existing links once they are inside a design file. This includes attributes like color, weight, style and level. Users can now modify the symbology of an imported spreadsheet or word document, on-the-fly, with no need to re-import the data.

    Update symbology for imported text and borders on-the-fly with the new Microsoft Office Importer release.

    Previously, symbology could only be defined within Office Importer’s settings or within the spreadsheet or document prior to importing the data into a design file. Should the specifications of a project change, a user would then have to re-import their spreadsheets or documents with the newly-specified symbology.

    With the enhancement, all symbology modifications are saved directly to the link, overwriting all previously-specified symbology. This ensures that even after a data update (contents of the spreadsheet or word document), the imported data will retain any newly-specified symbology.

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