New version of Problem Element Viewer for V8 supports Axiom’s MicroStation quality assurance tool, SpecChecker.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom, the world’s largest independent provider of general-purpose MicroStation utilities, announces the release of Problem Element Viewer for V8 (Problem Element Viewer 8.1). Originally developed to display the problematic and corrupt elements listed in the reports generated by FileFixer, Problem Element Viewer for V8’s expanded functionality allows users to zoom in on any element knowing only its element ID, element position within the file (known as “file position”) or display element information (color, weight, level, style, element type, etc.). Using Problem Element Viewer for V8, operators can step through a design file viewing each problematic element. Problem Element Viewer for V8 even selects and allows users to review element characteristics of corrupt and non-displayable elements so users can delete them if necessary.

    With Problem Element Viewer for V8 users can zoom on an element based on its element ID, element position or whether or not it’s flagged by FileFixer or SpecChecker.

    Both FileFixer and SpecChecker generate reports describing elements in processed design files. FileFixer’s reports include current and potential problems that could endanger the integrity of design files. SpecChecker’s reports inform the user of CAD standard violations. Problem Element Viewer for V8 allows users to step through all elements flagged in the previously mentioned reports and graphically view each element. This is especially useful when correcting problematic or off-standard elements in crowded design files. Problem Element Viewer for V8 even displays the information reported by FileFixer and SpecChecker about each element in question (like type of corruption found or the reason for the element being off standard).

    Among the latest enhancements to Problem Element Viewer for V8 are:

    • Support for reading SpecChecker for V8 reports and ability to step through a file to view all elements that SpecChecker for V8 deems to be off standard,
    • Capability to step through the file in reverse sequence reviewing the most recent elements drawn in the file by clicking on the newly-added <Last> button,
    • An option to temporarily turn on non-displayed levels to review problematic elements or CAD standard violations,
    • Capability to view non-displayed tag elements using the <Blink> button. This is useful when inspecting crowded design files with important non-displayed tags.

    For a limited time Problem Element Viewer for V8 is being offered at no additional cost to purchasers of FileFixer for V8.

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