New Year’s resolution: Save time, reduce effort and maximize profit!

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  • By Steve Palmer
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — It’s almost midnight. You are wrapping up a project submittal for an important client. MicroStation keeps crashing when you attempt to open a vital project design file. The necessity for a FileFixer midnight miracle is abundantly real to you right now. Just press FileFixer’s <Start> button and you’re back to work in three minutes.

    But FileFixer’s midnight miracles, despite being dramatic and life saving, are, in truth, only part of the story. FileFixer is just one of the vital applications in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit*.

    MicroStation professionals, like you, can save time, reduce effort and increase profit continuously during the entire life span of all your MicroStation projects. Keep reading to see how Toolkit can benefit you all year long.

    Get MicroStation Productivity Toolkit early this year and watch your company’s profit skyrocket.

    At the beginning of a new project or new project phase, use FileFixer to ensure existing design files are healthy and whole before you rely on them. Use FileFixer for V7 to search for problems in your V7 files before moving them to V8. Use FileFixer for V8 to search for problems in your V8 files before corruption stops your project dead in its tracks. FileFixer can determine which files are healthy and which are likely to cause trouble – and FileFixer can automatically generate a list of the isolated troublemakers so you can immediately and efficiently repair them. This makes for fast and easy project preparation!

    When setting up a new project, use CellManager to clean up and consolidate multiple, old, non-standard cell libraries. Eliminate the non-standard junk cells. Ensure your drafting staff start off new projects with one consolidated, fully-standardized cell library. The most recent release of CellManager allows you to easily select cells from one or multiple cell libraries and display just the cells you need for your project in a concise cell-selection palette.

    If you are starting a new project or new project phase, use Global File Changer to standardize each project design file’s settings (locks, snaps, coordinate readout, view attributes – you name it!). Global File Changer can replace your obsolete or non-standard cells in multiple design files with the correct, standard cells (from the standardized cell libraries you just created with CellManager).

    MicroStation users around the world use RefManager when they need to update reference file folder paths after moving project files to a new server or a new folder. RefManager can make short work out of standardizing attachment level settings or display settings in one or multiple master design files. Ahh, ready to go with perfect initial layout.

    Plus, all Toolkit owners with active Axiom Maintenance Plus are eligible for unlimited support and on-line training. Get your questions answered fast at the start of your project (or as questions arise during your project). The entire Axiom team is at your disposal.

    Project execution with Toolkit: Continuous time-saving ease
    During the course of your project, use Microsoft Office Importer to import spreadsheets, charts and Word documents into your designs with perfect formatting. The beauty of Microsoft Office Importer is the ability to automatically update design files to keep your design files synchronized with the original spreadsheets, charts and Word documents.

    RefManager is indispensable for updating or replacing reference file attachments as the project design progresses. Use RefManager’s “Clone and Replace” command to add new attachments (with proper settings and correct clipping) and easily replace existing attachments with the latest revision.

    Wise MicroStation managers set up automated batch runs of FileFixer to search for problems once a week as projects progress. FileFixer creates a list of files with serious problems so you can repair corrupted files before they impact your work.

    DgnCompare shows the differences between two versions of a design file. What was changed in the design file since last week? Was any billable work done? Is the project progressing on schedule? What did your staff do this week? CAD Managers can use DgnCompare’s reports to identify today’s drafting errors – making it possible to train or correct project staff now (to ensure standards are maintained for current and future projects). Get your staff (or subcontractors) re-trained fast and eliminate last minute end-of-project fixes. Get it done right, from the start.

    When drafting work begins, use SpecMonitor to continuously monitor adherence to CAD standards as the work is done (not after-the-fact). SpecMonitor helps ensure the work is done right the first time – it’s also great for training new project personnel!

    Project finalization with Toolkit: Preparation for submittal to client
    When all project work is completed, use FileFixer to perform a final “Search for Problems” to ensure you don’t submit troublemaker files to your client.

    SpecChecker can eliminate tedious manual proofreading. Just fire up SpecChecker and confirm whether or not all project files comply with your CAD standards. Plus SpecChecker can automatically correct violations of your standards. Going beyond traditional quality control, SpecChecker’s analysis of your files can also be used to correct and train your own project staff (or your subcontractors).

    SpecChecker can eliminate tedious manual proofreading.

    Resolution kept
    Now that the majority of its clients have moved to MicroStation V8, Axiom is really pouring the coals on V8 development – adding enhancements more rapidly than ever. All Toolkit owners with active maintenance receive all product updates at no additional cost! There has been no better time to own Toolkit for V8.* [Editor’s note: There are 16 applications in Toolkit for V8, 22 in the Toolkit for V7.]

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