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  • CAD managers share real-world FileFixer experiences.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — “I always considered FileFixer one of those magical products,” proclaims Ray Danley, CAD Manager for Washington Infrastructure Services. “You just hit a button and whatever is wrong goes away.”

    Why is FileFixer a topic of interest among MicroStation users around the world? Because no better preventive or curative solution to design file corruption exists.

    Why is FileFixer still a topic of major interest for CAD managers and MicroStation users around the globe? Because FileFixer saves hundreds of design firms and government agencies upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars each in man-hours every year, by solving their design file problems automatically.

    A tool CAD managers have referred to with such terms as “invaluable” and a “godsend”, FileFixer performs with the credibility and reliability MicroStation users have grown to depend on. From creating leisure time for harried CAD manager, to ensuring project budgets are not surpassed, FileFixer is an integral part of any confident and productive CAD manager’s design team. But you don’t want to hear us pumping FileFixer up. What about listening to your colleagues and peers?

    Leave work early.
    Even if you love your job, there’s no need to live at the office.

    Jean Castro, CAD Coordinator for Technum (one of the largest MicroStation sites in Belgium) relates a story where he found himself so busy repairing files for everyone all over his company that he didn’t have time to do his own work. He quickly made arrangements to acquire a corporate license of FileFixer so everyone at his company could repair their own files. He now has a chance to get his work done.

    Avoid missing project deadlines.
    With looming deadlines, CAD managers face obstacles like unselectable elements, failed fence manipulations and erroneous plots that threaten timely deliveries. Without FileFixer, MicroStation users incorrectly allocate their time attempting to work around file corruption, attempting to restore from backup or attempting manual file repair.

    FileFixer recovers valuable project time by precisely identifying the corrupt data in your files and, in most cases, FileFixer repairs the identified problems automatically.

    “I’ve been using FileFixer for over five years now and have been very satisfied with the product. It definitely saves our company lots of time and money,” states Edgar Gamiao, GIS Specialist at RM Towill Corp.

    “Files that end up corrupt need to be fixed now. We can do that with FileFixer,” says David Silveir of CH2M Hill.

    “When dealing with corrupt files, FileFixer saves [us] time which means money and aggravation,” explained Andrew Guard, Director CAE for Stone & Webster.

    Avoid cost overruns.
    Without FileFixer, CAD managers have reported that corrupted design files have increased labor costs and decreased project profits because staff time is devoted to manual file repair. This is why MicroStation users employ FileFixer to perform emergency file repair.

    “If we hadn’t fixed the file with FileFixer, we would’ve had to rebuild the file from scratch,” stated Thomas Tapley from Mon-Cre Telephone. “It could’ve easily taken a year to rebuild it, but none of this was necessary thanks to FileFixer.”

    Others use FileFixer every day. James Weisgram, Systems Analyst for Oregon DOT, is responsible for about 500 MicroStation users. He estimates FileFixer saves his DOT more than $100,000 annually.

    Support staff included
    FileFixer, like all Axiom products, is always delivered with a “technician-in-the-box”. Axiom Support Department is always available to cover your rear during project dogfights. Even better, contact Axiom during the planning stages of your project for time-saving tips and advice.

    A FileFixer owners offer these commonly heard sentiments:

    • Leo Piche of ATCO Power Canada LTD told us, “I must tell you that the technical support staff at Axiom have been super.”
    • Dennis Riebeling, Design & Detailer for Burns and McDonnell, shared, “I really didn’t expect that kind of service. It was a nice surprise.”

    How can you benefit by owning FileFixer?

    • Use FileFixer to avoid surprises when accepting submissions from subcontractors. Better yet, require your subcontractors to own and use FileFixer.
    • Use FileFixer when preparing to translate your projects to AutoCAD or V8.
    • Eradicate project hiccups caused by unexpected data corruption that renders files useless. FileFixer can handle unexpected data corruption automatically 98.7% of the time.
    • Avoid project delays and save time by handling design file emergencies in a timely and stress-free manner.
    • Recover personal time by using FileFixer to rapidly handle corrupted files and keep projects on schedule.

    Don’t allow your projects to be delayed or derailed because you don’t have the tools needed to get the job done. Contact an Axiom MicroStation Consultant to learn how FileFixer and MicroStation Productivity Toolkit pay for themselves in no time.

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