Odell Associates saves 4,800 man-hours per year using FileFixer.

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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA — Since 1998, Odell Associates has saved an average of 4,800 man-hours each year by using FileFixer, a component of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. Below is what CAD Manager Dale Hynes had to say about how FileFixer and CellManager, another component of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, save his team time:

Dale: “I’ve used FileFixer more times than I can remember. It’s important to us, because each drawing FileFixer checks has approximately 80-100 man-hours of work in it. On a monthly basis, we fix five to ten MicroStation files that would otherwise be corrupted and unusable. Over a month, FileFixer ends up saving us approximately 400 man-hours. We couldn’t be nearly as productive without it.

“Also, CellManager has been very useful. On one occasion our team was instructed to categorize over 4,000 cells into 16 divisions, which is usual for architectural projects, from various libraries. Using CellManager we automatically eliminated 1,200 duplicate cells from the group, which saved us approximately 160 man-hours.”

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