PowerDraft V8i Users Now Have a Low-cost Solution for Editing Raster Reference Files

Easily edit color, grayscale or monochrome raster images from within MicroStation.

Axiom, one of the world’s most experienced developers of time-saving CAD software products, announces the release of a version of its popular MicroStation raster reference file editing tool, RasterDgn, for Bentley’s PowerDraft V8i. Previously, RasterDgn was only available for use with MicroStation.

RasterDgn includes direct raster editing features — without leaving MicroStation or PowerDraft — such as delete, copy and move.

RasterDgn is an affordable alternative to high-priced color and monochrome raster reference file editors such as MicroStation I/RAS B or Descartes. With RasterDgn, users can manipulate either monochrome or color raster reference files from within MicroStation or PowerDraft with minimal training. RasterDgn modifies attached raster reference files directly.

According to Axiom product manager, Eiren Smith, “RasterDgn’s intuitive user interface makes raster reference file editing so simple that it requires little or no training for new users. Configuration for administrators is extremely straightforward, making it very easy to roll out RasterDgn at each site.”

Axiom reports that RasterDgn for PowerDraft V8i contains all the same features as RasterDgn for MicroStation. RasterDgn allows users to edit raster reference files, without having to leave MicroStation or PowerDraft. RasterDgn’s main features include the ability to:

  • Copy, move or delete raster pixels.
  • Automatically deskew crooked raster files.
  • Automatically remove noise (“speckles”) from monochrome raster reference files, usually caused by dust, dirt or other imperfections present when drawings were scanned.
  • Easily convert vector data drawn over the raster reference file into raster data in the raster reference file.

All of RasterDgn’s functions can be undone with MicroStation’s and PowerDraft’s undo command. According to Axiom, RasterDgn is designed to require only about 10 to 15 minutes of training for new users.

RasterDgn for PowerDraft V8i is available for delivery and carries the same price as RasterDgn.

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