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  • Although a graphical interface is great for many things, sometimes it’s faster to use two-letter MicroStation key-ins to adjust settings. For example, to set the active scale to 2.0, you can simply type “as=2” in the key-in browser. MicroStation has quite an extensive list of these two-letter key-ins for setting all manner of things from the active level and color, which just about everyone is familiar with, to saving or activating views. The following is a list of two-letter key-ins separated by categories (do not use a space before the equal sign for these key-ins):

    Click here to download a PDF version of this list.

    View manipulation
    OF= Turn off levels by number
    ON= Turn on levels by number
    RV= Rotate view(s) about center
    WO= Set view origin
    SV= Save view
    VI= Attach saved view
    DV= Delete saved view

    Text and dimensioning
    FT= Active font
    DF= Opens font dialog box
    TH= Active height
    TW= Active width
    TX= Active height and width
    LL= Active line length
    LS= Active line spacing
    TB= Tab spacing for importing text
    TI= Tag Increment amount
    LD= Dimension level
    TV= Upper and lower dimension tolerance limits

    AA= Active angle
    AS= Active scale
    XS= Active x scale
    YS= Active y scale
    ZS= Active z scale
    GU= Master/Grid
    GR= Reference grid
    KY= (Snap) Divisor
    UR= (Unit Lock) Distance

    Set element and pattern attributes
    AP= Active pattern cell
    LV= Active level
    CO= Active color
    PA= Active pattern angle
    LC= Active line style
    PD= Active pattern spacing
    WT= Active line weight
    PS= Active pattern scale

    Precision input
    XY= <x,y,z> from origin along design files axes
    DI= <distance, direction> from last data or tentative point relative to view axes
    DL= <Dx, Dy, Dz> from last data or tentative point in design coordinates
    DX= <Dx, Dy, Dz> from last data or tentative point in view coordinates
    AX= Distance from Auxiliary Coordinate System (ACS) origin
    AD= Distance from last data or tentative point in ACS coordinates

    AC= Set active cell and select place active cell tool with relative off
    AR= Set active cell and select place active cell tool with relative on
    CM= Place active cell matrix tool
    PT= Active point
    LT= Active terminator
    TS= Terminator scale
    CR= Edit cell information
    CD= Delete cell from cell library
    CC= Create cell

    3D modeling
    DP= Set the display depth from 0.0 of view’s z-axis
    DD= Distance to move display depth from current values
    AZ= Set the active depth from 0.0 of the view’s z-axis
    DZ= Distance to move active depth from current value
    SX= Save ACS
    RX= Attach ACS
    PX= Delete ACS

    File management
    RD= Open design file
    XD= Open design file with active design’s view configuration
    RC= Attach cell library
    RF= Attach reference file
    DR= Displays contents of a text file
    CT= Attach color table
    AM= Attach and activate menu
    AT= Activate tutorial

    AE= Define active entity
    DA= Displayable attribute type
    DB= Attach control file
    DS= Specify fence filter
    FI= Set database row as active entity
    RA= Set attribute review selection criteria
    RS= Name report table

    SD= Active stream delta
    ST= Active stream tolerance

    User command
    UC= Activate user command
    UCC= Compile user command
    UCI= User command index
    OX= Retrieve user command index

    EL= Create element list file
    FF= Copy fence contents to new design file
    GO= Global origin
    SF= Move fence contents to new design file

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