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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions, announces a release of CellManager for V8 with two nifty, new features: the ability to quickly and easily create customized cell selector files containing cells from multiple cell libraries and the ability to manage models.

    CellManager has been carefully honed. Like one of Hattori Hanzo’s samurai swords, Axiom programmers have been carefully adding and sharpening features to give CellManager users an advantage over those wielding MicroStation alone. [Editor’s note: Hattori Hanzo is the renowned samurai sword maker (portrayed by Sonny Chiba) from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Volume 1.]

    With CellManager, you can now easily customize your cell selector file with cells from different cell libraries.

    Customize your cell selector files.
    Just as Hattori Hanzo designs each sword to the exact specifications and needs of the sword’s wielder, Axiom programmers have designed the new release of CellManager to the needs and requests of the MicroStation warrior.
    Users have routinely asked us for an easier way to create customized cell selector files. [Editor’s note: In case you’re not familiar with this, a cell selector file in MicroStation provides a quick way to find and place cells from a graphic palette. Clicking on the cell’s image on the palette makes it the active cell and initiates the “Place Active Cell” command.] Axiom has answered those users with another sharp, new addition to CellManager.

    The problem
    MicroStation only allows you to load all the cells from a given cell library when creating a cell selector file (.csf). Using large or even medium-size cell libraries with MicroStation’s Cell Selector is impractical, since the user has to manually edit the “.csf” file to remove all the unwanted cells, one cell at a time. Large cell selector files also use up too much screen real estate or require scrolling in the dialog box to find the specific cell you want to use.

    The “Select Cells” feautre of CellManager for V8 now allows the selection of cells, design models and sheet models from multiple design files. You can select models and cells by name or description or by using wildcards. Whatever cells you select (via the “Select Cells” dialog box) you can modify as a group using the “Manage” window.

    The CellManager solution makes your life easier.
    Using CellManager’s new Cell Selector feature, simply tag only the cells that you need and click the “Create Cell Selector File” icon. CellManager automatically creates a “.csf” file and opens it for use in MicroStation. With CellManager, you can quickly make any number of “.csf” files, each to accomplish a specific task. You can size them for practical use and keep them on a drive accessible by you or your whole design team. This new feature can slice time off each job and increase productivity for the whole team.

    Model manager
    Like a finely crafted sword, cutting through the jungle undergrowth, CellManager slashes through your design files and puts your MicroStation models in order (without spilling a drop of blood). CellManager is now able to manage all models, not just those with the “Can be placed as a cell” model property turned on. In other words, CellManager is no longer limited to managing just cells.
    Now all the wonderful things that CellManager can do with cells, including scaling, modifying, changing element attributes, importing, exporting, documenting and rotating, can be done with models as well.

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