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  • Reduce stress and increase profits with MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.

    CLEARWATER, FL, USA — All MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications are designed to fulfill the following purposes: To save you time. To save you money and increase your profit. To make your job easier. To increase project quality. To reduce project stress. To give you back your evenings and weekends.

    The most reported benefits of using Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit are increased peace of mind and reduction of stress during emergency situations.

    Axiom doesn’t want you working late, night after night, missing personal time, performing tedious or repetitive tasks which can easily be automated with one of the applications in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. Axiom has been working diligently for 20 years to help you, the MicroStation user, avoid these pitfalls and help you achieve the above-mentioned purposes.

    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for V7 includes 19 different applications. The V8 Toolkit currently includes 12 different applications. Axiom continues to constantly enhance both Toolkits.

    The scope of potential benefits from using the applications in Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit might be hard for non-owners to believe, so following are a few highlights straight from MicroStation users like you:

    Rob Offerman (Invista): “I was able to correct the level symbology in over 600 MicroStation seed files … using Global File Changer. I repaired all of our cell libraries with a combination of FileFixer and CellManager. … Both of these tasks would have taken considerably longer. In the case of the seed files [it would’ve taken] months without Toolkit.

    Do it in one shot!
    Global File Changer allows you to run its own specialized MicroStation batch editing commands, user commands, macros, MDL commands and MicroStation key-ins on any number of MicroStation design files — any change you can make to one file can be made easily to tens, hundreds or thousands of files just as easily. Global File Changer provides a collection of indispensable built-in commands, which were implemented in response to customer demand. All Global File Changer owners have and will continue to benefit from the ever-growing number of custom enhancements requested by Axiom clients.

    Daniel DB Shafer (Verizon): “I had a critical job that needed to be accomplished and it could not go wrong. I only had one shot! Global File Changer helped me process 27,977 design files and processed a grand total of 1,001,175 text nodes to make our needed changes. Thank you very much for this tool and the guidance that was given. Great tool, great job!”

    Rename files in batch.
    RenamePlus enables you to select a group of files — any kind of Windows file, not just MicroStation files — and make global changes to file names, extensions, directories, drive letters, full paths and MicroStation reference file attachment names. RenamePlus is handy for anyone working with large numbers of files, but is particularly effective when working with MicroStation design files, because master file names and attachment names can both be updated simultaneously, allowing CAD managers to rename dozens or hundreds of project files and their reference files automatically — without creating “Reference file missing” errors.

    Colleen Rutton (Callison Architecture) reported that RenamePlus saved them at least 300 hours per year.

    What changed in this design file?
    DgnCompare allows you to graphically compare two MicroStation design files. DgnCompare is commonly used to compare a new subcontractor submission with a previous submission, to answer the ever-important questions: “exactly what was changed?” and “exactly what work was done?”

    Gary Wilkie (TXU) reports that “DGNCompare helps in the checking of the drawings when there are not a lot of changes made to a drawing. It allows us to see if someone moved something or deleted something unintentionally. It gives us a second check of the drawings.”

    Tip of the iceberg
    The preceding examples highlight only a fraction of the ways actual MicroStation users like you use MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications to automate tedious, time-consuming design file manipulations. Contact Axiom now to learn more and reclaim your evenings and weekends!

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