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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — Maybe you’ve heard stories of Axiom’s time-saving MicroStation utilities salvaging the “unsalvageable” design file, or completing 200 man-hours of work in a matter of minutes.

    Making MicroStation work easier, faster and more efficiently puts more money in the bank and more time in your weekend. Isn’t that where they belong?

    Now it’s time to hear it straight from the individual owners of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit:

    Doing weeks of work in three hours
    “Last week I was asked to ‘convert’ approximately 200 drawings from an existing design for re-use in a new project. The task required all existing reference and mark numbers on all drawings be re-mapped to new project numbers, including a few commonly used permutations.

    “Naturally, the project manager had left it to the last minute to assign this task, and was worried that he wouldn’t achieve the first submission date — especially after he’d unsuccessfully tried to find and replace the numbers manually in a trial-run of ten drawings.

    “He was skeptical when I told him I could do all of them this afternoon if he wanted. All I required was an Excel spreadsheet with the old and new numbers. “Once I had the spreadsheet, it took me 30 minutes to re-format the data for Global File Changer to import, and a couple of hours for it to process all 200 drawings — less than three hours in all. To do this manually would probably have taken us weeks!

    “Now, instead of being slightly behind schedule, his project is a few weeks ahead of schedule!

    “This is just one example of the many tasks I’ve been able to use MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for — I highly recommend it for any organization processing large numbers of DGNs or DWGs.” C.A.

    Increasing productivity with no side-effects
    “Just to let you know, it is working perfectly. Thanks for your help.

    “The replace cell is also working fine, it’s impressive to see that the cells update without losing the tag values.

    “Most often with MicroStation, I find that something else goes wrong when trying to fix another [problem] or that the fix available is limited in scope or incomplete by nature.

    “It is quite amazing how Axiom tools can handle all the oddities and offer perfect solutions without side effects.” M.B.

    Doing the work of six draftsmen in three hours
    “I love it! It’s very easy to use. I did the work of six draftsmen in three hours. I saved 15 to 16 hours of work. This tool can be used so many ways. I want to get it for my whole department. I really, really like this tool. And I got excellent help down there [at Axiom]. I called in and they helped me a lot. You have a good team down there. We also use FileFixer all the time, everyone does.” D.D.

    Meeting (or beating) project deadlines
    “I want to thank you and your staff for your exceptional service in getting the V7 and V8 Office Importer to me at the drop of a hat. It made a big difference and the job went out on time. Great tool. “Thank you for all of your efforts and I will be in touch.” R.O.

    Making translations from MicroStation to AutoCAD a cakewalk
    “The majority of our projects have AutoCAD deliverables and have to be translated from USTN [MicroStation] to AutoCAD. We could never accomplish this without the Axiom Toolkit. Can’t do without it.” D.D.

    Handling messed up design files before it’s too late
    “We mainly use the FileFixer product, and we use it to fix corrupt files and to make sure files are clean when we send them out of the office. I can not measure the financial savings of the product has given us, but I can say that it has saved us time when fixing corrupt files. This can be much quicker than retrieving from our archives.” J.H.

    Making MicroStation work easier
    “We use the Office Importer and RefManager very often. Even if those two products were the only tools used, I would be totally satisfied.” D.L

    Changing 1,300 reference attachments at once
    “Thank you very much for your time… I now love RefManager. I wasn’t looking forward to changing 1,300 reference attachments manually.” C.S.

    Changing hundreds of drawings in two minutes
    “I changed 241 drawings in about two minutes! Thanks!” D.W.

    Fixing misbehaving design files
    “We have utilized the Axiom tools set since [MicroStation] version SE and are happy with the results. Although we do not use it on a daily basis, we have used it most often for fixing designs that exhibit bad behavior and RefManager for fixing reference file attachment locations, aliases and settings.” J.L.

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