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  • New FileFixer has new, easy-to-use file-selection interface that dramatically speeds up file selection for batch processing.

    CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom announces the release of two new versions of their popular MicroStation utility, FileFixer. FileFixer automatically repairs corrupt and faulty MicroStation files (including cell libraries). Versions 7.8k (for V7) and 8.6a (for V8) uphold FileFixer’s long tradition of design file corruption repair with multiple interface upgrades and increased speed of processing.

    Axiom File List Processor
    FileFixer now boasts an improved file-selection interface, which provides greater ease of use and even allows users to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. Also, the file selection process has been dramatically sped up. The “Axiom File List Processor”, or AxiFLP, is an integral part of all of Axiom’s utilities with batch-processing capabilities. The revamping of AxiFLP provides Axiom software users more efficient ways to manage the way they select files to be processed.

    FileFixer is the first Axiom utility to be released with the new AxiFLP, with more in the pipeline.
    “The new interface and sorting capabilities of the new AxiFLP give users more control over the file selection process, enabling them to get to fixing files faster,” stated Ivan Pena, Axiom’s Vice President for Marketing. “These enhancements increase the usability of our tools and make them even more efficient for our customers and future customers. We are really excited!”

    “Geekier” enhancements
    Long-time FileFixer users will be glad to know that FileFixer can now check itself — the DLLs and files that make up FileFixer — before it starts fixing design files. A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a collection of small programs, any of which can be loaded into memory and run as needed to support another running program.

    FileFixer now reports when it finds more than one copy of the required DLL files — or if it doesn’t find the correct DLLs — to run FileFixer. Why is this important? Previous installations of FileFixer or the moving of FileFixer from a local (single) to a network (site) installation sometimes causes duplicates of these DLL files to be created. Having needless DLL files could disable the ability to load FileFixer from the Axiom menu in MicroStation. The new FileFixer can detect any needless duplicates that may be located throughout a user’s system and alerts the user when loading FileFixer. The user can then delete the duplicate DLLs.

    These DLL-handling enhancements will make it easier for users to install FileFixer upgrades.

    Other features
    Among the other features of the latest versions of FileFixer are:

    • The ability to automatically detect and repair line string vertices that are off the edge of the design plane.
    • The ability to specify whether to keep the original file’s modification date for a backup file created by FileFixer or change the modification date to when the backup was created.
    • A consolidated Report File Settings dialog box that makes it easier for users to manage report settings, such as whether to output a text report or an HTML report, or whether to put everything in one report file when processing a batch of design files or to create a report for each design file processed.

    This new version — like all Axiom product upgrades — is available at no additional charge to current maintenance holders.

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