SpecChecker and SpecMonitor now check working units and V8 reference attachments.

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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — Behind the release of each new product or new product version, there is a big scoop of customer-requested enhancements. SpecChecker and SpecMonitor are no exception. We constantly enhance SpecChecker — which detects CAD standards violations in sets of design files — and its brother, SpecMonitor — which runs in the background until a user violates the current CAD standards — to meet customers’ growing needs.

    The most recent versions of SpecChecker and SpecMonitor for MicroStation J, V8 and V8 XM represent almost two hundred different improvements. Some of them are subtle improvements to the user interface and many of them are entirely new features.

    The most popular new feature that applies to both V7 and V8 versions of SpecChecker and SpecMonitor is the ability to check working unit names.

    • Master Unit Name (such as ft, in, m, mm)
    • Sub Unit Name (such as ft, in, m, mm)

    The next set of popular new features applies only to the V8 versions of SpecChecker and SpecMonitor as these features are already available in the V7 versions. We’ve added the ability to check V8 reference attachments for CAD standards compliance. You can now check and report on any of the following reference attachment characteristics:

    • Description
    • File name (including any path saved in the attachment)
    • Logical name
    • Model name attached (V8 only)

    SpecChecker will report on any existing off-standard reference attachments and SpecMonitor will prevent users from creating them in the first place by rejecting off-standard reference attachments the moment the user tries to attach them.

    Although they are important, new features aren’t the whole story. SpecChecker and SpecMonitor 8.3a are the first versions certified for MicroStation V8 XM Edition, which is significant in itself.

    As Product Manager of SpecChecker and SpecMonitor, it is my responsibility to make sure our users know what’s new. But, before that, it is also my job to find out what users need and give it to them. If you see any way SpecChecker or SpecMonitor can be improved, please let
    me know at PM-Checker@AxiomInt.com.

    I’m all ears.

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