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  • Axiom releases first online AutoCAD training series

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom announces a major addition to its LearningBay suite of e-learning courses — the AutoCAD vBook series. vBooks are short, topic-specific reference guides that are designed to get someone up-to-speed on any subject quickly. vBooks are much like traditional books in the printed world, but with some important additions and advantages. vBooks are accessed through a computer interface that looks like a bookshelf. In addition to text, each AutoCAD vBook also contains video and audio to increase comprehension of the subject studied.

    One click “pulls” a vBook from the bookshelf.

    As soon as the user takes the vBook “off the shelf”, he can begin studying that particular unit or course. The student “turns pages” by navigating through the table of contents on the left. (See screenshot below.) There’s an index that allows users to easily find materials within the book, plus an extensive search feature that students can use to instantly search for and jump to words, phrases or entire subjects.

    All vBook pages have audio and video.

    LearningBay is already well established in the MicroStation training world, and since many MicroStation users also use AutoCAD, it was a natural extension for Axiom to add AutoCAD training to the LearningBay portfolio. Until the release of vBooks, LearningBay training has focused primarily on MicroStation and MicroStation-related packages such as GEOPAK and InRoads. With vBooks, LearningBay now has a complete series of training options for AutoCAD. This effectively doubles the number of CAD training courses available with LearningBay.

    Users can pick from 39 titles — like the one above — in Axiom’s newly released AutoCAD training series.

    David McDaniel, Axiom’s Director of Learning Product Development, expressed his excitement about the new courses: “Whatever the training need, Axiom has a solution in LearningBay. In all, we now have six different ways to deliver electronic CAD training courses, including the new vBooks. From large, scalable enterprise software for corporations, all the way down to individual user accounts on a hosted site, LearningBay accommodates everyone.”

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