TC&B to implement company-wide MicroStation title block management solution, Title Block Manager.

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  • HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA — Turner, Collie & Braden (TC&B) recently acquired a corporate license of Axiom’s complete title block management solution for MicroStation, Title Block Manager. Title Block Manager gives users full control over modifying title block information throughout the entire MicroStation shop, by automating batch changes to title blocks and simplifying the modification and management of title block data.

    All TC&B offices can now benefit from Title Block Manager.

    Title Block Manager:

    • Helps ensure company-wide consistency of the appearance of each title block and the data contained within it.
    • Automatically updates information in multiple title blocks.
    • Processes batch changes to the information placed in title blocks in seconds.
    • Places file name, full file path or other data from configuration variables automatically into title blocks.
    • Allows for bi-directional synchronization of title block information between title blocks and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
    • Reports on all title block information (such as file path, file name, name of title block cell and any other user-defined information) in MicroStation files.

    TC&B is a provider of professional planning, engineering, surveying, facilities services, and program management services to private and governmental entities throughout the United States and is a subsidiary of AECOM Technology Corporation. In 2003, the Texas Council of Engineering Companies awarded TC&B first place in the Environmental category for their “World Trade Center Disaster Fast-Track to Recovery” for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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