Thank God! MicroStation Productivity Toolkit is ready for MicroStation V8i!

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No one ever got fired for getting projects done on time.

Clearwater, ­Florida, USA — Every day lately, somebody who’s planning on migrating to MicroStation’s latest V8i version asks me, “Is MicroStation Productivity Toolkit ready for V8i?” The answer is, “Yes!”

Every one of the “big gun” software products that Toolkit owners have depended on to help them get the toughest MicroStation projects done and delivered on time are now ready for use in MicroStation V8i.

No one ever lost their job for doing MicroStation work more efficiently. Make sure you have the right tools to help complete your projects error-free, on time and within budget.

If you’re not yet a Toolkit owner you might ask, “What kind of software products?” Let me answer that. All of the software products in Toolkit were designed to keep the worry and pain of missed deadlines and project rejections out of your life. Each program enables you to get your job, as a MicroStation user, done faster and far more efficiently than with just MicroStation alone. MicroStation Productivity Toolkit software products handle redundant and time-consuming tasks by automating processes that take too bloody long by the usual means.

MicroStation Productivity Toolkit contains V8i-ready utilities that let you:

  • Fix any MicroStation file automatically (FileFixer™).
  • Solve any MicroStation reference file problem fast (RefManager™).
  • Import spreadsheet and word processing data into MicroStation with perfect formatting (Microsoft Office Importer™).
  • Perform quality­-assurance checks on your MicroStation files quickly and easily (SpecChecker™).
  • Standardize your MicroStation files as you create them (SpecMonitor™).
  • Take control of your MicroStation cell libraries (CellManager™).
  • Make unlimited changes to multiple design files quickly and easily (Global File Changer™).
  • Merge a design file and its reference files into a single file (RefMerge™).
  • Remove duplicate and near-duplicate MicroStation elements automatically (Duplicate Element Remover™).
  • Quickly view design file differences (DgnCompare™).
  • Check and correct spelling in all text elements in the active design file, in all its cells and in all the attached reference files (SpellCheckerPlus™).
  • And many others.

The SmartTabs feature lets you quickly save customized views of your project data. You can then use these customized views over and over simply by selecting the saved view.

You know that unpleasant feeling you get every time a set of design files get submitted and someone says something is wrong? No one likes being made to look bad or having to redo a bunch of work. Well with the help of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, you can skip all that and enjoy life a little more. Why risk having your projects rejected for something that could have easily been avoided?

While the list of benefits above may seem long, it gives you a only a brief glimpse of just some of the ways MicroStation Productivity Toolkit’s utilities can save you valuable time and eliminate the frustration that always comes about when project deadlines approach.

If you’re currently work­ing in MicroStation V8i or if it’s in your future, rest assured that the MicroStation Productivity Toolkit utilities you’ve depended on and need are ready to help you get your MicroStation V8i projects done fast and effectively.

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