The double rainbow

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  • LearningBay helps MicroStation user find pot of gold.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a CAD designer named Lucky. Lucky was a leprechaun — luckier than most. The luck of the Irish always seemed to be smiling upon him. His good luck made him a wee bit careless. In fact, because of this perpetual good fortune he never really took the time to fully learn the tools of his trade.

    One day, his boss came to him with a project. “Lucky,” he said in his thick Irish accent, “we’ve got a change on this rainbow design.”

    “Great,” Lucky thought, excited at the prospect of design work on a rainbow. Lucky loved to draw colorful designs, and rainbows were his favorite.

    His boss continued, “Old Man Finian just called and he wants to redo the whole thing. His pot of gold is too big, so it has to be divided into two. He wants a double rainbow. We’ve got to redo all the models and …”.

    Lucky began to tune him out and daydream about the double rainbow. As soon as the boss started talking technical, Lucky always seemed to get sleepy. He just wanted to draw, you see, and these sorts of lectures were so boring and tedious. When he finally noticed a pause, he snapped back into focus. “Of course,” he said, pretending he had been paying attention all along.

    “So the rainbows have to end here and here,” his boss indicated some points on a map. “Okay?”

    “Okay,” Lucky agreed.

    “It is very important that the rainbows end there. That is where the gold is to be. If the calculations are off even a wee bit, Finian won’t be able to find the gold.”

    “Got it,” Lucky nodded, and off he went to get started. He was happy to get away from the conversation.

    Now, Lucky wasn’t a bad leprechaun, just a little careless as we already told you. He really wanted to understand this stuff, he just didn’t know where to begin and he certainly didn’t think he had the time. His good luck had always seemed to come through, so he never gave training much thought.

    But this time the boss was calling for some pretty complicated stuff. A double rainbow! He had done plenty of single rainbows — but most leprechauns never get to work on a double rainbow.

    But luck had always been on his side and that gave him confidence. At least, it did until he spent the next week agonizing over the design. He drew lines, curved the lines, changed them, added colors, changed colors, added elements. He did everything he could think of to make it work. Not only did the rainbows not end at the pot of gold, they kept running into each other. He prayed for a stroke of good fortune to save the day (and his job). Visions of making rainbow balloons as a birthday clown in Boise started filling his head. But we did tell you he was lucky didn’t we?

    Just as he was about to give up hope, Lucky opened up an e-mail that told him all about a training system called LearningBay. He was stunned to find he could actually learn MicroStation at his own desk, on his own schedule.

    He signed up and did a quick look at the table of contents and realized that he wasn’t sure what a tentative snap was. He studied the section on tentative snap and figured out that part of the top rainbow was snapping to the bottom rainbow instead snapping to the pot of gold. He fixed it up in no time and submitted it two hours before deadline.

    Old man Finian loved it and decided to let Lucky design all his double rainbows. If you look around outside and notice a double rainbow, chances are that Lucky designed it.

    Don’t place your confidence in something you can’t control. Be confident by being trained.

    LearningBay can help you train your staff on MicroStation, GEOPAK and InRoads. We’ve got dozens of e-learning courses covering these subjects and more, each filled with easy-to-follow tutorials, instructional videos and hands-on labs — all designed to lead your users to greater levels of knowledge.

    LearningBay courses are convenient, flexible, available 24/7, completely under your control and designed from the ground up to make learning smooth, fast and effective. Make your CAD users billable faster. Increase the number of things they can be billable on. Increase their speed of production. Save time. Meet deadlines.

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