The Ongoing Necessity for V8 File Repair.

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom analyzes more corrupted MicroStation files each year than any other third party – and this does not include the file analysis and repair performed daily by FileFixer license holders around the globe. Axiom’s ongoing corruption analysis has resulted in more than 18 years of enhancements to the original FileFixer and now a half-decade of enhancements to FileFixer for V8.

    The continuing necessity for V8 file repair is confirmed by the parade of corrupted V8 files submitted to Axiom for analysis by both existing clients and soon-to-be clients.

    Get informed so you can recognize V8 file corruption before it delays project completion (and reduces project profits). Prepare yourself. Just read on.

    Structured Storage Corruption
    Why do you keep hearing about structured storage? Because that is the technical name for the new internal structure of V8 files.

    MicroStation V8 design file structure is similar to Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

    V7 (pre-V8) design files consist of a continuous pile of elements — like a stack of papers that never made it into a manila file folder, much less an alphabetized filing cabinet.

    V7 file organization works and continues to work on V7 projects around the globe. But MicroStation V8 offers an improved file structure.

    An example of the most common symptom of structured storage corruption.

    This V8 file’s Default model is missing or damaged.

    Symptom of a corrupted model.

    V8’s Element Information dialog box confirming that an element’s end point is off the design plane.

    MicroStation V8 design files are structured internally like Microsoft™ Word and Excel documents. All contain subfolders and subfiles.

    MicroStation V8 design file structure is similar to Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

    This new file structure works smoothly almost all the time. However, ongoing analysis of customer V8 files continues to confirm that the subfolders and subfiles can be damaged or lost entirely. When the internal structure of a V8 design file is damaged, forget about accessing the elements nestled within!

    Analysis of customer V8 files has revealed another variation of structured storage corruption — missing model information. The symptom is an unselectable model with blank model properties.

    FileFixer for V8 is the only application which can salvage V8 files with these types of structured storage corruption.

    Level Table Corruption
    In V8 files, level names, level symbology and other level characteristics are defined in a level table. Each graphical element includes a link to the level table.

    Another form of V8-specific file corruption discovered during analysis of client V8 files is level table corruption — a file’s level table is damaged or entirely missing.

    A level table can be damaged or missing, while individual graphical elements remain unharmed. However, graphical elements include a link to a non-existent or damaged level table — their level is blank (undefined).

    Another V8-specific form of corruption is element coordinates which exceed the edge of the V8 design plane. In V7 files, it was possible for element coordinates to smoosh against the design plane edge, but it wasn’t possible for elements to “fall off” the edge of the design plane — that problem is unique to V8.

    This line’s level is no longer defined in this file.

    Elements in this state are typically unselectable, unmovable and don’t respond to other MicroStation manipulations.

    That’s Just the Beginning of the Story
    FileFixer for V8 can repair damaged V8 drawings that no other application on the planet can handle. See it for yourself — Axiom can demonstrate these and other examples of V8 file corruption and FileFixer for V8 repair. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own chair — just log in for a free internet demonstration. Call 727-442-7774 now to reserve your cyberspace.

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