The secret to making money as a CAD manager

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  • How to get a pay raise and a promotion

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Increasing your income is never a wrong thing to do in any economy. With today’s economy, having the edge you need to get paid more is critical. Training is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make yourself more valuable to your company and increase your chances of higher pay. Putting in longer hours is not the answer to higher pay. A fast employee that produces high quality work will always be more valuable than a slower one with lower quality work.

    There are better ways to making money than putting in longer hours.

    Just like Axiom’s software and services, LearningBay’s training courses are designed to: 1) save you time, 2) help improve your quality of life at work and 3) make you look even more like a genius. The courses also have the added potential of increasing your pay.

    “Training saves you time by making you faster and even more proficient at what you do than you already are. Based on our experience in dealing with thousands of customers, only a fraction of CAD designers are using MicroStation to anywhere near its full capability,” stated Mike Arroyo, Axiom’s Vice President for Learning. “Knowing all the tricks of how to more effectively use MicroStation and MicroStation add-ons such as GEOPAK and InRoads increases your proficiency and speed in using these programs. This makes training an excellent way to pass your competitors, especially the ones who aren’t training.”

    Today, users who neglect training are really missing out on functionality developed from the experience of others in a similar situation. Knowing exactly what tools to use and having complete confidence in how and when to use them can greatly increase your productivity as well as the quality of your work. This confidence will also make your work easier because you’ll have complete certainty on what you’re doing. From here, the formula for getting a pay increase is simple: Higher quality work done in a shorter period of time equals a pay raise and possible promotion. Training has also been known to make people happier, more confident and more self-sufficient.

    LearningBay makes it easy to train anywhere, anytime. The courses are convenient, flexible, interactive, available 24/7, completely under your control and designed from the ground up to make learning smooth, fast and effective. Whether you need to learn a particular topic from the beginning or simply want to advance your skills, Axiom has the training solution you need. “Training gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward on the road to financial success,” concluded Arroyo.

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