The world’s largest oil company asks Axiom for custom solution.

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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — Recently, the world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, asked Axiom to design and develop a customized utility that would aid in the standardization of their MicroStation V7 design files. Their official request was to, “develop a tool that reformats existing design files into a more structured layout.”

    The Saudi Aramco project was the most recent in a long list of custom programming projects that Axiom has undertaken.

    Axiom’s Project Manager said, “Basically, they wanted us to take their existing files and automatically check for and correct any deviation from their standards. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds because the standards violations were so different from file to file. In hindsight, we had to account for just about every standards violation that they could throw at us. It was challenging, yet very rewarding when it was completed.”

    The custom programming process
    “How we design and develop customized software is very similar to how we design and develop our own utilities,” states Borales. “As with the Saudi Aramco project, each custom project begins with a request. After the formal request is made, someone from our product development department will contact the client in order to help formulate clear specifications for the custom program. Once the specifications are complete, our programming staff takes over. Our programmers, armed with over 100 years of collective MicroStation programming experience, will implement all of the specifications in the fastest way possible. As a resource, they have the option to draw from our vast, tried and tested Axiom function libraries. The same functions that compose our acclaimed Axiom utilities can be used to build the custom application. A single function from our extensive library can save hundreds of hours of programming time. This keeps costs down and results in error-free code.”
    After Axiom’s programmers have written all of the source code, their quality assurance division ensures that the application is error-free before it is shipped.
    Once the product is shipped, clients have full access to Axiom’s customer support department, whose willing staff (including the famous Rick Sewell) can help them get rolling with their new software.

    An international presence
    The Saudi Aramco project was the most recent in a long list of custom programming projects that Axiom has undertaken. Throughout its history, Axiom has been helping companies achieve their MicroStation goals by designing and developing solutions for them.

    Axiom’s custom programming department provides MicroStation users with tailored solutions for all of their MicroStation needs.

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